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The Far-Reaching Effects of Embracing Your Identity

Identity is a pretty big deal. Businesses large and small focus on their “brand”, the mark that identifies them. People all over seek out tests humorously and seriously to help them discover who they are and who they were created to be. I think that discovering who you truly are and what you were created to do is one of the most critical things that each of us can do. I believe that when we each are operating in our truest identity, not only are we more fulfilled, but so is the world around us.

I recently watched Disney’s Moana for the first time. I know, I know… I’m not known for keeping up with new releases. I also watched Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast. I’ve read some of the blogs about both, and I find it interesting that what you see depends a great deal on what you’re looking for, what you’re going through, or what you’ve been through. What struck me most in both of these films was the consequences of both Moana and the Beast stepping into their true identity.

Accessing Spiritual Inheritance Generational Healing Destiny RestorationInterestingly, Moana came out a year ago, as did my second book written with my friends and collaborators, Seneca and Del. Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance shares experiences that we’ve all had in gaining access to what our ancestors failed to claim, refused to claim, or were unable to claim for whatever reason. We are currently working on what we think will be Book 2.

I’ve become increasingly convinced that working towards freedom, dealing with our baggage, and all that I help people do isn’t just for us. That’s true in relationships: if I don’t react to you out of woundedness, then I am far less likely to wound you in turn. It’s true in work settings: if I am able to participate and produce at my highest capacity and abilities, then the entire work environment/business/system is able to function better increasing profits, customer service, etc.

With that as my background thought process, then it may not surprise you that when I saw Moana, I could see how she grew into her individual identity, of course. She encouraged Maui that he was Maui with or without his hook or the accolades of men. She recognized and reminded Te Fiti of who she really was inside the monster of Te Ka and restores her heart, thus saving her people and her island from the blight. but what struck me was that by accepting and operating in her identity she not only set herself and these other characters free, but she set her entire island free.

Moana learns that her ancestors were voyagers and it was through fear that sailing ceased. Fear kept all those on the island from going outside of the reef. They forgot who they were. It’s not that they had a bad life, it just wasn’t the life they were created to live. When Moana accepts the call of the sea and discovers herself, she returns and shows her people how to sail, returning them to their inheritance of fearless way finders. Her freedom set her entire people group free.

Beauty and the Beast has a similar message, though outside of a familial or ancestral setting. I’m sure you’re familiar with the storyline: the cruel prince is turned into a beast until he can learn to love and be loved in return. But, not only was he imprisoned, his entire castle staff was as well. And, when the beast remembers who he is and learns to love and is loved in returned, his entire castle is set free as well. Again, one person coming into their true identity sets a large number of other people free as well.

I’m convinced that this is true of us as well. Being or becoming all we were created to be and doing all we were created to do is of critical importance for our community at large. Not only for us as individuals, and not even just for our families and bloodlines, but for the world as a whole. The Bible talks about God creating us to do good works (Ephesians 2:10). Paul tells us that creation itself awaits our ¬†grasping of our identities as the sons and daughters of God so that it can be freed from the tyranny of sin (Romans 8:19-20). That’s a pretty awesome charge.

I’m convinced that it is the ultimate adventure.

Pushing beyond what we’ve always thought.

Unveiling who we were meant to be.

Releasing that freedom to others in our wake.

No animal sidekick required!


Looking for Hope? Take Courage! It’s not Just You.

How are you doing?Hopeless-Hope-Discouragement-Atmosphere

Have you been feeling like nothing is working, nothing will work, it’s all hopeless and you might as well quit? Everything’s overwhelming and just too hard.

Yeah…it’s been going around, or rather in the atmosphere.

I got hit with it pretty hard earlier this year and thought it was just me. I just tried working harder to see if I couldn’t push through and get ‘er done anyway. I pushed myself until I hit a wall…

Not literally, fortunately. But, thankfully a friend and life coach brought it to my attention. I got off the hamster wheel, and the rest has been delightfully healing! I started to realize that lots of other people I know have been similarly struggling. Oh, the details are different, but there’s this same spiral downwards that sucks the life and hope out of you. I just talked to someone else today who is going through a similar thing.

It seems to be attacking people especially in the realm of destiny. That thing that normally is your greatest gift and joy – has become a burden and a drag. It’s too hard. It’s never going to get better. You should just quit, right?

Absolutely not!!!

Don’t let the lies win.

Hope Comes in the Morning The odd thing about this particular attack, is that it seems to be able to blind your eyes to the truth about your situation. You’re not able to see the progress that’s been made, or how well you’re really doing. It’s the craziest thing… I looked at the same black and white numbers on a page and saw failure, when they don’t say that at all – I’m actually doing quite well. But I couldn’t see it.

At least, I couldn’t see it until I got away from busyness and into rest. Then the light of hope began to dawn.

So, how do you get off the hamster wheel?

  • Realize you’re on it, but that there’s hope. It doesn’t always have to be like this. You can make a change.
  • Start somewhere. I gave myself permission to just rest and not do the hundred projects that are on my list. The stuff that had to be done, I did those, but many things don’t have to be done now or at all. They would be nice, but they aren’t essential. I cut it all out. I set a timer on my phone to remind myself when my work day was over – being self-employed is delightful, but I’m the worst boss I’ve ever had! I’m not always successful at “clocking out”, but I have been better at picking up books to read for pleasure, which is one of the things I love to do.
  • I created a timeline of events in my life, and discovered that there were a lot of pretty intense things that have happened pretty regularly. Some good, some not so good, but the intensity itself is a stressor. It was a revelation! And, it also helped me to see that I had good reason to need rest and to make sure I’ve processed these things well. It’s so easy to pile something on top of other things and assume we can handle it until the proverbial straw brings it all crashing around us. Acceptance of my path and the events in my life as significant has been freeing. I don’t have a perfect life. I have a great one, but not perfect. I can give myself grace for the imperfections along the way. Draw a line and start walking backward on it, making note of all the things that have happened, good and bad. There’s probably a good reason why you need the rest. There’s a good reason why you feel the way you do.
  • I’ve addressed physical needs with recommended supplements and better nutrition – along with the rest I mentioned above. You might check with your health care provider and see if there is anything that you can do to support yourself and your healing physically. Body, soul, and spirit are all intertwined. Disruptions in one area will often have an effect on the others as well.
  • To conquer the overwhelm, I’ve found a few things helpful. Getting clarity on what really needs to be done, and not just what I want to have done is key. Then, setting a timer for X number of minutes, or a definite number of something can be helpful. Be sure and stop when you say you’re going to, though… Have integrity with yourself. If the time limit is flexible, then let yourself know that you can continue to go if you want, but don’t say you’re going to quit if you’re not going to. Break up tasks into bite-sized, do-able chunks and do one a day. Sometimes you have time constraints, but often they are self-imposed and could be more flexible.
  • Celebrate your successes… A couple years ago, I wrote this post on my other blog: I’m Winning! How to Celebrate Your Way to Success. It was, and is life changing…but I’m still not very good at it. I’ve decided that I’m going to do an “Achievement Board” or something like that. I’m working on making a collage of all the things that I’ve done that I’m proud of, or that I should be. I may include things like places I’ve been, nice things people have said about me, goals I’ve achieved, the books I’ve written, etc. Like a vision board, but looking back at what I’ve accomplished, and not forward at what I hope to.
  • Reach out to a safe person to help you talk through what you’re doing if you need to, I did. Break out those prophetic words that talk about what you’re called to do. Scour the Scriptures for all the things God says about you. Look for the hope that’s there. Grab onto all of the joy. We tend to see what we look for.

Freedom Hope HoplessI still have a ways to go to recover my physical strength, but I’ll tell you this: my joy and hope are back. I didn’t even realize how joyless I had become, until the joy started coming back. My job now is to continue to get my strength back and to not lose sight of the lessons I’ve learned; to continue to allow for rest and relaxation so that hopelessness can’t get a foothold again.

As I said at the beginning, hopelessness is in the atmosphere – which means that it’s like a broadcast that your spirit and soul hear that your ears don’t. It sounds like your voice, but it’s not…it’s the enemy – the one who’s job it is to steal, kill, and destroy. If you like, you can pray the following prayer over yourself or your friends and family. Or pray one like it. The exact words don’t matter as much as being aware of what’s coming at you and knowing you have the authority to send it back. Feel free to add in there anything that you’re sensing.

I see you hopelessness and overwhelm. You are not mine, and I refuse to partner with you. I break you off of me and I revoke any agreement that I’ve made with you. I cast you to the cross of Jesus, and I place the blood of Jesus between all of that and me. I reverse and correct all effects of this hopelessness and overwhelm, and I ask you Father, to fill me with your hope and courage. Please give me wisdom and revelation to know how to move forward in the path where you’ve placed me. I receive Your truth that there is always hope, and that You have given me a good destiny that I can move forward in and towards. I thank you for your peace, hope, and joy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Some other things that you might find helpful to gain new hope, and to reinforce the hope that you gain:

Tomorrow Flower Essence Hope

My friend Seneca at Freedom-Flowers has a “Tomorrow” flower essence that rebuilds lost hope and eases anxiety about the future. Helps you to receive insight about the path you are on and helps you to grab hold of opportunities by shutting down cynicism and apathy. You just put a few drops in whatever you’re drinking, or under your tongue.

New Hope Healing Frequencies Music EMDR

Another friend, Del at Healing Frequencies Music has a new album out called New Hope. I’ve been listening to it softly at night, but all day every day might be fabulous! It’s also available on iTunes and will hopefully be up on Amazon soon!

If you need or want some one on one help, grab a session with me here.

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