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As Your Soul Prospers

What does it look like when a soul prospers?

I’ve been contemplating that question for a while now. Prosperity has rather mixed reviews in Christian circles. I just read a headline accusing someone of being a “prosperity gospel” preacher. I’m not overly familiar with that preacher and the who doesn’t matter as much as the interesting dichotomy that we have on the topic of money – which is what most people jump to when they hear the word prosper.

On the one hand, there are those who give up all their earthly possessions and often live in poverty level conditions to follow God. Their poverty has become a badge of honor and a sign of their holiness. And then there are the prosperity gospel people who declare that God is the giver of wealth, and having lots of money is a sign of God’s pleasure and favor with you. It’s no wonder that each extreme considers the other heretical.

Here’s the thing – and is where both camps may unite and call me the heretic – you can Money Prospering Successfulfind Biblical support for both positions. God often demonstrated his favor on others by giving them wealth as well as giving them the skills and abilities to create and acquire wealth, and He has also called various people to give up everything and follow him without a visible means of support. I don’t want to get into all of that here – suffice it to say it’s enough to make me question either extreme.

But if your soul is prospering does that mean money? I don’t think it does. And in this case, we have simplified a word and stripped it of a greater meaning that we would do well to regain. Kind of like the word shalom, which we have nearly neutered to peace – but that’s a topic for another day.

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

3 John 1:2 NASB

This is the verse that keeps weaving through my thoughts. John is writing his friend Gaius, and this is how he begins his letter to him. It had been a while since I read this little book, and I think I may hang out here for a while – but for now let’s focus on this prayer that Gaius would prosper even as his soul prospers… The word that he uses here, transliterated euodoo means the following:

  1. to grant a prosperous and expeditious journey, to lead by a direct and easy way

  2. to grant a successful issue, to cause to prosper

  3. to prosper, be successful

Much more depth than just have an excess of cash, right?

In ALL respects, he says. I like to keep things simple – I think all means all. So what would this “all” encompass? It would at least include body, mind, and spirit. It would include those internal things, but also the external. And, yes, I think it includes money. But notice the last, intriguing part of the verse: even as your soul prospers. The word used for soul can also be translated as breath or life force.

Hope Freedom Joy

I propose, that this is a pretty significant key – that the root of our success and prospering in anything is that our soul prospers first. Another verse, the latter part of Matthew 12:34 says that out of the abundance of our heart, our mouth speaks. Again, the more outward expression is dependent on the inward reality.

And this is where the core questions have to be asked, answered, and settled. Is God who he says he is? Who does he say that he is? Who does he say that I am?

Is God a God of abundance and enough?

Is God for me or against me?

Is God helping or hurting me?

Dos God want me to prosper even as my soul prospers?

Soul prosperAs a side note – herein lies the difficulty that many find with the law of attraction, it isn’t that our words don’t have power because they do. It’s that there is too much difference between what you are saying and what your soul believes. If there is a disconnect here – you might manifest something – but it’s not likely to be what you are hoping for unless and until there is greater coherence in your soul. You are free to prosper in all things – as your soul prospers. Look after your soul – it’s pretty powerful!

How do you look after your soul?

You need to heal those inner wounds and believe the truth. And, I’ve got some things that may help:

  • As Your Soul Prospers Soul Prospers Prosperous Flourish Abundance Freedom Healing Classis a self-paced online class specifically designed to help you address lies, self-limiting beliefs, and heart issues relating to your identity, prospering your soul, and being successful in all areas of life.
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  • I expanded the content even further in my book A Guide to Freedom and included practical application points and guides.
  • If you are noticing a strong family pattern with these issues, then you might find my Generational Healing Class helpful.
  • Prosper Flower Essence – Designed to help you shift mindsets and limiting beliefs about your self and your ability to prosper at the energetic level. My friend Seneca over at Freedom Flowers has other essences that will help with many other areas if there is one in particular that you wish to focus on. Choose one of her Bouquet Blends, or have a Custom Blend made just for you. (She’s working on one to address a prosperous soul particularly, so you might want to keep an eye out for that.)
  • Another friend, Del, has amazing healing music that will also help to shift those negative frequencies. You can listen to samples, download a free MP3, and purchase songs and albums at Healing Frequencies Music.

Grab the tool that you need to help set yourself free from lack and limitations – and access prosperity in all areas as your soul prospers.




Guest Post: Healing the Soul

A few months back I listened to a series of messages by Steve Harmon that he shared at The Gathering, a ministry of Anna Wingate up in the Tacoma/Olympia Washington area. One of the things he spoke about in-depth was about soul fragments — the things that give people multiple personalities. Interestingly enough, he has come to believe (and I have arrived at the same conclusion) that everyone has them and most of us just don’t know it. I ended up taking some time to talk to him and learn a bit more from him, and in the end we planned a time for a session of inner healing and deliverance with me.

Interestingly enough, the night before we had this session, I had the opportunity to work with a woman at my workplace who was having some issues and God freed me up so I was able to spend 2 hours with her doing inner healing and integrating fragments. It was a very effective session and we got a lot done. Not only that, but this was my first time ever to work with fragments — mine or anyone else’s! I have to admit I was a little nervous at first, but having done other inner healing work with people before there were only a few differences between that and what I’m already used to so I feel I took to it well. The woman also made it easy as she put herself into a light trance so we could call the fragments up.

Since working with my own fragments and observing interactions with others in light of this new perspective I have come to a better understanding of fragmentation, and the impact it has on our lives. The soul itself could almost be likened to a gemstone. It is moderately strong, but stressors in life act like a hammer, and when a hammer hits in just the right places over time the soul gem (my term) can crack and eventually cause pieces to chip off. This may seem harsh, but it is actually a protective mechanism. The majority of fragments form in younger years when children don’t have the coping mechanisms that adults ought to have developed, and these fragments carry with them the traumatic memories and difficult life experiences that children are unable to cope with.  God designed the soul such that those pieces don’t fracture off into netherspace somewhere and disappear, but stay tenuously connected to the main body of the soul gem.  Our job as believers when working with others in inner healing is to reconnect those fragments back to the original soul, eventually causing the soul gem to be whole once more.

There is a major difference between Jesus and the rest of us–and I’m not talking about His deity. He functioned as a human with the Holy Spirit empowering him just like the rest of us–the main two differences were no sin, and no soul fragments. Jesus solved the sin problem, cleansing our spirits for all time and eternity, and now the soul in its shattered state is the battleground. When we do inner healing, often we are healing wounds in the core soul, but at times the issues are hard to get at because they’re actually wounds the fragments carry.

God is accelerating the inner healing process in our lives, and what used to take years can now be accomplished in a much shorter time simply by working directly with a fragment, healing its inner wounds, performing deliverance on it and correcting its innacurate beliefs, and then reintegrating it into the core self. As this happens, the individual becomes more resilient, more able to deal with life stressors, and incidentally more able to function in Kingdom power and authority. Since the soul is no longer divided, the individual doesn’t have as much internal “double-mindedness”. There are no longer multiple “streams” flowing from the same source, but one clear gushing river of life that flows into everything he does.

Author Bio:

Michael King is an avid writer and loves to explore all things spiritual. He especially has a love for miracles and strange phenomena that make people scratch their heads. He has authored two books, Gemstones From Heaven and The Gamer’s Guide to the Kingdom of God.  Working as a Registered Nurse, he and is known by family and friends for his proficiency in healing prayer. Michael is married to a beautiful wife who also doubles as his professional editor. His blog, focuses mainly on spirituality with a hint of health-related topics.