As Your Soul Prospers

Soul Prospers Prosperous Flourish Abundance Freedom Healing Class

Dig deep and uncover the truth about who YOU were created to be.

This 6 session online class digs into the lies, vows, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from prospering in all areas. With courage and grace, you will heal yourself, conquer your fears, and begin to create the life you’ve dreamed.

This class is not a money-management class, or a weight management class, or a positive thinking and manifestation class. It’s not a magic pill or a get rich and thin quick scheme. Rather, this is a class to dig a bit deeper and uncover the deeper issues and address those with the truth. If you are like most people, you don’t really need another technique class, you know the information, you have done your best to apply it, and yet still success eludes you. What you need is deep level transformation that will enable you to apply and succeed like never before.

This quick and to the point class is geared for your busy lifestyle. If you apply what I teach, over time you will be set free from all of the self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that have hindered you from flourishing in all areas of your life.

Don’t flounder another day – Sign up now and begin to Prosper!

Basic Class – $49

6 Sessions include:

  • Intro
  • Walk in Truth
    • Uncover lies, vows, limiting beliefs
    • Replace them with truth
    • Why the Law of Attraction may not work like you think
  • The Truth About What You Can Do
    • Your belief becomes your reality
    • You can make changes and see positive results
  • The Truth About Who You Are
    • What have you been told that’s not true?
    • How do you get the truth to “sink in?”
  • The Truth about Your Finances
    • Where did your beliefs come from?
    • How can you change those beliefs and manifest provision?
  • Face the Truth About your Future
    • These strategies apply to more than just money.
    • It does get better from here!
  • Bonus! Resources

Upgrade to the Advanced Value for only $100 more ($149.95 total – $457 value):

  • Everything in the Basic Class, and:
  • Up to 2 hour 1 on 1 Skype session with me
  • PDF copy of my book:  A Guide to Freedom

Upgrade to the Optimal Value for only $350 more ($399.95 total – $757 value):

Ready to sign up?

  • Step 1 : Go to
  • Step 2: Sign up for an account (there is a 1 time fee of $5 for the forum)
  • Step 3: Go to Account Upgrades in the navigation bar
  • Step 4: Upgrade to As Your Soul Prospers in the class menu
  • Step 5: If you want to take advantage of the Advanced or Optimal Values for my class, then message me either here, or on the Kingdom Tribes site. I will invoice you for the additional fees via PayPal.

*The class is from a Christian perspective. You are welcome to take this class if you are not a believer, I will not try and “convert” you, but it will be helpful for you if you are comfortable with my Christ-centered worldview.

Terms and Conditions: As this is an e-course, and all materials are accessible immediately, no refund can or will be given. Please ask any questions you might have prior to enrolling. I cannot guarantee any particular outcome as a result of taking the class, as this depends on too many factors over which I have no control. 1 on 1 sessions must be scheduled within 4 months of starting the class. Please be advised that the class may be an emotional experience for you, in fact it is likely. If you are not in a place where you are able to deal with these things, this might not be the best time or format. Individual sessions might be a better choice. You can contact me for more information about those. I do Skype and in person sessions for $75/hour.







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