By this time next year, you can achieve your goals and visions.

Achieve your goals… even if you never have before!

Course Enrollments close on April 5, 2020

What would your life be like if you achieved every goal you set?

What would it look like to walk out that vision you have for 2020?

That would feel pretty awesome, right?!

For many years, I would set goals, I had dreams I wanted to achieve, but never seemed to be able to make much progress. It wouldn’t take long before I was frustrated, overwhelmed and gave up

But then, I discovered the tools that I used to publish 10 books and create 30+ paintings in 2019 – CRUSHING my goals. That feels so incredibly great! And I’m so excited to set more goals for 2020.

Does frustration and overwhelm sound familiar?

What are your goals?

How have you done with those in years past? 

If you’ve achieved your goals, great! That’s awesome!

If not, that’s actually really common. 

Do you:

This program will give you the tools to set and meet goals so you can feel fabulous at the end of 2020 too!

Find Your Roar in 2020!

This program will help you set good goals and strategize how to work towards them with do-able steps. We’ll provide encouragement and accountability to keep you motivated so you can continue to progress throughout all of 2020.

Sign up now and set your intention to ROAR in 2020!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course includes 4 modules with about 22 lessons. No only will you set smart goals that you can smash, you’ll deal with any head trash that gets in your way. In our private facebook group, you’ll have access to a caring group who will keep you motivated and encouraged. There will also be live Q&A and strategy sessions.



You’ll take a look at what’s worked for you in the past and what hasn’t. No guilt. No shame. This is data to help you make better choices this year and every year.



You’ll learn to set better goals and create a solid plan to achieve them. You’ll be ready to move forward, but with enough give to help you keep going.



You’ll take action on your goals. If you’re not making progress, we’ll look at why and deal with the head trash blocking you and your success.



We’ll celebrate with you each and every victory that you achieve. None are too small. Small victories create momentum that leads to big victories that crush your goals.


You’ll also receive these great tools to help you succeed.

Bonus 1
PDF Worksheets

You’ll have access to all the worksheets for nearly every lesson so you can print them out and keep them as a handy reference.

Bonus 2
PDF Goal Sheets

Goal sheets will help you better track your progress as you move through your day to day plan, master your objectives, and crush your goals.

Bonus 3
PDF Calendars

Sometimes you need to keep the when of it all easily accessible. I’m a big fan of paper calendars so I can see things at a glance. If that’s helpful to you, you can print these out – or use them on your device if that works best for your lifestyle.

Sign up now and set your intention to ROAR in 2020!

Think you’ll need more than the basic program?

There are two additional upgrades that you might be interested in:


In as well as the course and private facebook group, join monthly coaching calls for small group help.


As well as the course, private facebook group and monthly coaching calls, join online intensive retreats. At the end of each quarter, we’ll spend a day together to review, reset, and renew our goals.

About The Course Teacher,Alice Briggs

Alice has experience in assisting people to break through the lies, limiting beliefs, and resistance to achieve their goals and destiny. In this program, she brings that expertise as well as everything she’s learned on setting and achieving goals through trial and error. She’s made the mistakes, so you don’t have to!

Why this program?

If you were to hire Alice as your personal coach, this program would cost thousands.

Courses in similar formats sell for $300 or more.

The inner healing portion would cost at minimum $750.

Add the monthly coaching calls and that would be $900.

The online intensives would be $2500.

A total value of $4450 minimum.

And that doesn’t even count the amazing value of the community group.

But the program is not that expensive.


The group format reduces Alice’s time while increasing the value to you through the group interactions. Alice recognized that her time is limited, and if she were to offer a 1:1 coaching program to do the same things, she could only work with a handful of people. This format enables her to help many more people as well as adding the huge value of community support and encouragement. 

It’s a win-win-win!

Course Enrollments close on April 5, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m in another class to learn something?

Great! You can ROAR your way through it! The Find Your Roar Program will work with any other class you’re taking.

Do I have to join the facebook group?

No, it’s optional, but highly recommended. Having a supportive group surrounding you increased your rate of success greatly.

How will we do the monthly coaching calls?

Most likely with Zoom, unless we find something better. You are free to join the calls via video or just audio, whichever you prefer. Although it is fun to see the faces of those in the group.

Can I work on it on my own, or are there sessions I have to show up for?

The course content will be available for you to work on at your own pace. None of those sessions will be live. The Q&A sessions will be live, but recorded so you can watch them later in the facebook group. You’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions for 1-2 days prior to the call and they’ll be answered live.

The Monthly Coaching Calls, and the Online Intensive Retreats will be at set times, but you will have access to those materials later as well. You’ll receive the most benefit from being there live with us, though.

What’s the online intensive retreat?

It will be an all-day event. We’ll have live coaching calls and sessions related to the issues the group is facing at the time. These will be geared towards a quarterly reset and renew for your goals so you can end the year victorious!

What kind of time committment is this?

The most intensive part of the class will be in January as you’re setting your goals and making your plans. 3-5 hours a week should be sufficient, although you may work slower or faster. It’s really up to you and what you need.

After January, once your goals and plans are set, you’ll be working on those, and access the group as needed. At the end of each quarter, an additional hour or two to review, reset, and renew.

The monthly targeted coaching calls will be 1-2 hours. The quarterly intensives will be a day.

You won’t be graded on how much time you’re putting in. You’ll decide yourself how successful that you’ve been at the end of each quarter and then the year.

One Time Payment FOR ALL OF 2020


Get your goals purring along with the course and community.




Growl at those goals with monthly targeted coaching calls.




Becoming a roaring success with the intensive online retreats.



regular course

One sentence summary of what they get




Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




Thank you for scrolling so far!

I’m so excited about this program and all the benefit I believe you will gain through it. I look forward to counting up just how many goals and visions we saw come to pass in 2020! I hope you join me, but more than that, I hope you crush your goals and have stories of visions becoming reality next December!

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