This class is not a long one. It is not difficult or complex…but if you apply these simple strategies, you will experience aprofound shift in your thinking that will reap a great harvest in the months and years to come. I originally set out to develop a class on money issues, but in doing my research and reading – I discovered that to prosper is a much richer and larger concept than just to have a lot of money. It’s something that I knew and believed – but the epiphany for me was that I was looking at the class from the wrong way ‘round.

I gathered a list of “issues” surrounding money, thinking that I could categorize them, and deal with them in a logical order. But, check some of these out:

  • Having money isn’t for people like me
  • Rich people are greedy
  • If I get money, I’ll just lose it
  • I’m not smart enough to handle money
  • I don’t like selling, investing, working, etc., to get money

They all seem to revolve around something different than just having cash or not. At their heart, these statements say much more about identity. And, could easily be changed slightly to be said of weight, for example:

  • Being thin isn’t for people like me
  • Fat people are greedy
  • If I get thin, I’ll just gain the weight back
  • I’m not smart enough to handle being thin
  • I don’t like running, cooking, working out, etc., to get thin

Pretty much the same thing. I’m not enough. It’s not about the outside circumstance as much as it is about the internal beliefs and reality of the person making the statement. So we are going to focus first on the internal beliefs that you have about yourself, and then the external manifestation of those beliefs. I’ll be focusing on provision in this class, but remember that the truth applies in many more areas than that.

So, this class is not a money-management class, or a weight management class, or a positive thinking and manifestation class. Rather, this is a class to dig a bit deeper and uncover the lies that we are believing related to these issues and address those with the truth. If you are like most people, you don’t really need another technique class, you know the information, you may even try and apply it. But, what you need is deep level transformation that will enable you to apply and succeed in what you already know.

We are going to be moving fast through this class, and I fully realize that you will probably need more time to fully transform your soul so that it is prospering. What I have designed this class to do, is to cause you to consider the lies you are believing, and to replace them with the truth. I suggest that in each section, you focus on the ONE lie that is the most significant to you. Lifelong habits and belief systems are not overthrown in a day, typically. You will need to be persistent in applying the truths, and be alert to the ways in which the lies are trying to creep back in.

In fact, you might choose to pick one lesson and one lie and focus on that for a few months, and then come back and address another. This class will be available for you to return to for as long as this site and its content endures, so hopefully forever! In fact, even if you go through the class relatively quickly, you might want to check back periodically, as I will update the content as I learn new things that will be helpful for you.