I talked mostly about money in this class, because I figure that’s why most people are here. However, as I said at the beginning, the same principles can apply to all areas of our lives: our health and our weight; our relationships with God and others; our ability to reach out for all of the good things that God has for us.

I’m trying to keep the cost of this class down, so I can’t go into each area in great depth, but the process and principles I’ve taught you here apply regardless of the topic. Because most are inside issues, not outside circumstances. If there is an area of your life that you are living in defeat or a lack of abundance, start a conversation with God about that. Ask him what lies you are believing. Ask him what emotions you have that are getting in your way. Then apply the strategies I’ve taught you. Again, celebrate each and every success! After all, you are further ahead now than you were before! And if you’ve taken one step, you can take two and then three and then four… You can do it!

Remember that it takes time to get rid of old habits and acquire good ones. But, I have faith in you, and in your Creator who has promised to see us all through to the great and glorious end!

A great technique to help set your mind on the good things to come is to write a letter to yourself from your future self. Think about the changes that you’ve made and how they made you feel. Are you delighted that you can now play with your children, grandchildren, and/or pets because you’ve been exercising regularly? Are you thrilled that you have a savings cushion so that unexpected events are no problem? Are you joyful that you can be generous with your time and resources because you are confident that God will provide? Describe it. Picture it. Dare to dream it. And, maybe you’re not there in a few years, where ever “there” is, but you will be further along on that journey than you are now! And that is a beautiful thing!

If you need one-on-one help, you can sign up for a session and I’ll walk you through whatever piece has you stuck. I have other resources that you might want to check out as well. They are found in the “Resources” link below.

I look forward to hearing your stories of success and progress!

Let’s do this!