Hi! I’m Alice Briggs. I was born in Michigan and raised in Carlsbad, NM. I have degrees in biology and chemistry and occupational therapy. I am also a classically trained artist who has wandered onto intuitive and abstracted pathways. You can see some of my work displayed in my office or in my online gallery. I relocated to the Lubbock, TX area to begin a new adventure through my corporate umbrella of Alice Arlene, Ltd. Co. Underneath that umbrella are, so far, my artwork mentioned above, and this emotional and spiritual healing practice.
I became interested in inner healing primarily because my sister was healed of severe fibromyalgia after 3 sessions of Splankna. She had received many other treatments and a lot of prayer, but Splankna was the tipping point that brought the full healing. She has had no recurrence of symptoms after 7+ years! I began my training in Splankna, and have developed a great interest in the various ways and means that God uses to bring healing and freedom from all types of oppression and issues. I love being a tool in his hand and watching him meet you at your deepest need and bringing healing and wholeness.

I’ve also written multiple books designed to give you some tools to work towards your own emotional and spiritual freedom on your own or as an adjunct to any kind of therapy that you might be receiving.  You can go here for more information.

My daughter’s anxiety has been dramatically reduced since her appointment with you.  -a client’s mom



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