Frequently Asked Questions

Office shot 1 uploadHow long is a session? A typical weekly session is one clinical hour, about 45-50 minutes of work to allow time for closing prayer and a short break for me between clients. If you are coming from a distance, we can schedule a longer block of time to make it worth your travel time. This can be from a few hours to a few days depending on your needs and my schedule. Please use the Contact Me link for sessions longer than 2 hours. I have slots in my schedule reserved for clients who must travel to see me.

How long will I need to come? How many hours/sessions will it take? Because of the highly individualized nature of this work, I have no answer for that question. What works for one, may not work in exactly the same way for another. However, because it appears that once the work is done, it is done for good, thus this type of healing work is much more flexible schedule-wise than others that you may be familiar with. There seems to be some benefit to increased time and frequency, but sometimes your system seems to need time to adjust before doing any further work. I am willing and able to work with you on a schedule that works for your time and budgetary needs.

Will this cure or work for diabetes, cancer, ADHD, etc.? Because none of these healing techniques have been fully studied, and are still considered experimental, there is no known answer to that. It is hypothesized that any physical symptom may be resolved to the extent that it has an emotional or spiritual root cause. As there is no way to determine that, we cannot guarantee any particular result.

Praying hands bw uploadWhat if I’m traveling? If you are passing through Lubbock, visiting friends and/or family, or here for business, and you would like to have a session (or a few), please Contact Me if the times or days that you need are not available on the Book Me page or you would like more than a 2 hour block. I will do my best to work with your needs.

What music do you play during the session? I play music softly in the background during sessions.  I am currently using Healing Frequencies Music for a couple of reasons. First, it helps to set the atmosphere of the space and secondly, it is purely instrumental so the lyrics of a song do not distract.

Do you provide me with information to take home? Yes, at your first session, I will give you some handouts with tips and strategies to continue your healing journey outside of our work together.  Sometimes, God will direct me to give you specific homework to do that will directly apply to the work we have completed in session.  My goal is not for you to be dependent on me, but to give you tools that you can use to continue to walk in freedom long past our sessions.

I see you have a lot of artwork on the walls in your office. Are you an artist? Yes, I am an artist. Some of the pieces in my office are in my private collection, but most are for sale.  You can check my other website and store for availability. I love having my artwork in my office, because I believe that it helps to set an atmosphere of peace in which healing is easier for you.

Can you work with children? Yes, I can work with children of all ages with a parent or guardian present. I have found children to be very easy to work with, and parents have reported good progress from a relatively short amount of work.

Have another question? Please use the Contact Me link.

“My son’s nightmares are a thing of the past.  He saw your office building, and said, ‘That’s where your bad dreams go away.'”



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