Where should I start?

Take this short quiz and it will lead you to targeted resources for your healing journey.

Why Healing?

Why do we want to get healed? There are many reasons, but the most common include these:

  • To no longer hurt.
  • To break destructive habits.
  • To improve your relationships.
  • To improve your self-image.
  • You feel stuck.
  • Your anxious or stressed.
  • You’re working through a life crisis.
  • You want greater clarity.
  • You want resolution of physical symptoms.
  • You want to break negative family patterns.

The good news is that none of these are unique just to you – many others struggle with similar things as you do. There really is nothing new under the sun as the wise King Solomon said. But the even better news is that there is hope for healing and wholeness.

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My Philosophy of Healing

Through my own healing journey, I’ve grown to understand that healing is not the end of the journey. Resolutions of all the issues we seek out healing are good in themselves. Who doesn’t want a reduction in pain, the ability to make healthy choices for our lives, and have clarity for our future?

But the main purpose for getting healed, in my opinion, is so that we can become the people Creator created us to be, and we can do the things he gifted and called us to do. 

Part of the reason the enemy of our souls tries so hard to derail our lives and destiny, is that he fears the damage we would do to his kingdom of destruction if we were to be everything we were created to be. The enemy isn’t omniscient as Creator is – he doesn’t know all things, and I don’t know that he truly understands our purpose. But, I think he understands better than we do how powerful we were created to be.

So, we pursue healing, so that we can overcome all that the enemy has tried to destroy us with and so that we become all we were created to be.  

We get healed so that… 

There is more beyond healing, and the healing process is a means to that end.

"My anxiety is so far gone, I can focus on the dream God gave me years ago."

Does God Cause Pain?

When bad things happen, so often people throw out platitudes that do more harm than good, despite the good intentions of the speaker. And, the best lies always have some truth to them, so you can’t just toss them out completely. But they aren’t the truth, either.

The bible is clear, it is the enemy that comes to steal, kill, and destroy. All good gifts come from the Father. The complete theological discussion would be several books, so I won’t go into all of that here.

But, the thing is, that God is so incredibly brilliant at using what the enemy meant for our destruction to do great things in our lives, that we assume he wanted the enemy to do what he did.

No good father wants to see their child devastated with pain and trauma.

And God is the best father there ever was or ever will be. 

God is ready and willing to help us work through, and heal the horrible things in our lives. I’ve had things that have happened to me that devastated me. God taught me so many things in the process of healing from them that I’m not sure how I would have learned them otherwise.

Would I willingly walk back through them? Nope.

Am I grateful for what I learned? Absolutely.

But, it wasn’t God’s will for those things to happen to me. He didn’t cause them to happen. They happened because I and others made some bad decisions. 

Where should I start?

Take this short quiz and it will lead you to targeted resources for your healing journey.


In this work of healing, we deal a lot with trauma. And, by use of the word trauma, I use a very broad definition. 

So often, we minimized traumatic things because they don’t seem as bad as things that have happened to others. Or, something that happened when we were a child looks far different looking back than it did at the time.

I define trauma, for the purposes of this work, as anything that your system or subconscious coded as trauma. How did your system file the information at the time?

It would be nice, if we could separate out the painful files and lock them away for good.

But unhealed trauma doesn’t just stay in the past, unfortunately. It has a habit of coloring our present and rearing up its head at inconvenient times. It can influence the way we see ourselves, others, and the circumstances that surround us. 

We can’t change the past, but we can remove its power over our present and future by healing the wounds trauma inflicted on us.


Triggers are what happens when that trauma doesn’t stay buried, as we so often hope.

It’s like when you have a bruise. You don’t notice it until it gets poked, and then the pain is sharp and we automatically flinch.

A trigger is usually when something we experience in the present is similar enough to a painful time in the past that it brings up all the old emotions. Sometimes, we feel just like we did when we were that age – and react to the present situation as we would have at that age.

We can’t usually control our reactions to triggers, which makes them so difficult for us and for those around us. 

The way to defuse a trigger, is to heal the trauma that is triggered. Release the emotions, the lies, vows, or other baggage that’s being stored in that folder other than the memory itself. 

This is what the inner healing process does. It gets to the places where trauma is stored, and heals it so that it no longer effects the present, or the future. 

"I have noticed huge improvements in all areas of my life."

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Lies We Believe

One of the things that results from trauma is that we believe lies about ourselves and others. And, sometimes we make vows that the enemy is happy to hold us to later in life.

If you find yourself with repeated negative thoughts about yourself such as:

  • I’m not wanted.
  • I don’t fit in.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • and many others…

They may be rooted in trauma from your childhood. Maybe they started as things said to you by an adult when you were a child. 

These lies can be a huge contributor to self sabotage. If you believe lies about yourself, then you won’t act on the truth. Or your every attempt to act on the truth may be derailed by that nagging lie in your head.

Once a lie has been identified, it’s a simple prayer to repent of it. Learning to walk in the truth can take some practice.

Generational Healing

Generational healing can be a bit controversial. There are some who believe that we are exempt from anything our ancestors have done. While I understand their point, I don’t agree.

In medical circles, certain family patterns are well documented. Alcoholism and abuse are two. 

In my experience, there are many more areas where you can observe similar patterns. For example anger. You often find angry people had angry parents who had angry parents, and so forth. Also, financial trends – parents who are good at money typically have kids who are, the opposite is also true. 

Though none of these things are guaranteed. People rise above their circumstances often. 

Generational tendencies are not absolutes, you can overcome them. It’s just more difficult for you than for someone who doesn’t have that same family pattern.

Part of what seems to happen with generational patterns, is that as you’re growing up, all you know is what your experience tells you. As you get older and your experience widens, you may realize that no everyone’s family is like yours, but changing those lifelong habits is not easily done.

Breaking off a generational issue is like rolling back a dark cloud that then allows you to see the truth – and achieve greater things than you could previously unhampered by those difficulties.

accessing your spiritual inheritance

Generational Inheritance

God operates both personally as well as corporately. You see that throughout the Old Testament. 

There is a story of a rebellion in Numbers 16. Korah conspired with 250 in the company of the Israelites to rebel against Moses and Aaron. And they were destroyed. 

But, there was evidently a gift for worship that God had given the bloodline, that persisted. Several of the Psalms are written by the Sons of Korah. 

No matter what the sins of your ancestors, the fact that you are alive today means there is something in your bloodline that God still wants and needs in the earth.

Part of the goal of doing generational work, is to release these blessings and inheritances in the spiritual realm, so they are accessible to you and others in that same line who are alive today.

God brought this to my attention through a dream and a spiritual experience I had the next morning. You can read about it in the posts below, as well as the book I wrote with Seneca Schurbon and Del Hungerford.

"I used to wake up with dread and now I don't."

Stuck Emotions

When traumatic things happen to us, and again, I speak of trauma in its broadest sense, sometimes, the negative emotions we feel can get stuck in our systems. Maybe we weren’t allowed or able to process the emotions at the time. There are probably as many reasons as there are people.

These negative emotions can crop up at inconvenient times.

I’ve found that often, if you’ve done a lot of work around a particular issue, and are not seeing the progress you want, often it’s because you’ve dealt with the other elements of the trauma, but the emotions are still stuck in your system.

If you release them, you are then able to make the progress you desire.

One effective technique to do this is to picture yourself gathering up whatever emotion it is that troubles you, starting from the tips of your toes all the way up your body, and then placing it in Jesus’ hands.


The meridian system has been used in acupuncture for a very long time. When I was first trained in Splankna in 2011, I still knew of the system only in a spiritual energy sense. But, I have since heard and read that scientists have discovered that there is a new anatomical system they call the primo vascular system which closely aligns with the meridian systems. 

As a scientist at heart, it intrigues me. God knew it was there all along, of course, we just didn’t have the means of identify it until recent years.

It appears to store emotional energy. Not woo-woo energy, but literal, physical energy.

We can release negative energy stored in that system using circuitry and intention. 

The picture I like to use is the electrical circuitry in your house. the wires are all connected between the main breaker box, the light, and the switch. When you flip the switch, it allows the electricity to flow through the circuit and the light comes on.

Certain emotions tend to be stored on certain meridian systems, so this gives us a starting point. You can use your hands on the meridian point, and then a head point, and then think about releasing the emotion. It’s that intention that enables the energy to flow and be released.

I cover those points and the details on how to utilize this technique in my Head Trash course. It’s been a great tool for me as well as my clients through the years. Often it’s the missing piece for them in their healing journey when they’ve tried all the other things and still haven’t seen the breakthrough they desire and know that God has for them.

"I have a much better relationship with those in my family."

Start Your Journey

If you are just learning about inner healing and want to begin your journey, I recommend that you start with the quiz. That will provide you with the resources you need where you are now.

I have resources to help you on your journey depending on your needs and budget.

  • Blog posts that will help you get started. The quiz will give you the pertinent links for the ones I feel will help you the most based on your answers.
  • Books on topics of frequent interest to my clients. Those are available direct from me, or on your favorite retailer. I have quite a few, and am writing more, but the quiz will get you started in the right direction.
  • Classes are a deeper dive and offer multiple ways of learning. Text, audio, and visual as well as PDF worksheets and downloads depending on the course.

Where should I start?

Take this short quiz and it will lead you to targeted resources for your healing journey.

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"I have been doing an intensive physical detoxification for 4 1/2 years. In doing so I discovered emotional toxins will dump along with the physical toxins. Because the physical toxins began to dump at an alarming rate, the emotional toxins were dumping so rapidly they got 'bottle necked' and were unable to dump for some reason. The situation left me bedridden. Splankna came to my rescue. After the first hour session the 'bottle neck' was broken and I was able to be up and about. My husband used 'miracle' to explain the effect of just that one session. Thank you Alice Briggs and Splankna for making life worth living-for giving me hope and knowing God has special plans for my life."

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