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Yes, you can experience Freedom!

Joy, Hope, and Peace can become your reality.

Are you bound by the chains of your past?
Does negative self-talk consume your mind?
Are you easily triggered into unhealthy or destructive behavior patterns?

You do not have to continue to live in bondage to the chains of the past. You can embrace your future with positive expectations and healthy thoughts. The past need not define your future.

Developed from the author’s own experiences and the successes that her clients have achieved, she gets right to the point, providing you with practical and doable steps you can immediately implement to break free.

Whether you’re struggling in one area or many, this Guide to Freedom has a tool that will help you push past resistance from the wounds in your past and the lies you believe to gain the victory. Don’t waste one more day in the prison of triggers and destructive thoughts or behaviors.

Used as a self-help tool or with ongoing counseling, life coaching, or similar help and/or treatment, this book will give you the tools you need to get to a place of joy, hope, and peace faster.

“I found a phrase in your Freedom book that sums up a negative attitude I’ve been noticing in myself but couldn’t quite pin down. ‘Why should I bother; I’m losing anyhow.’ Now that it’s been identified, I can tackle it. Thank you for your book.

God Bless”


Accessing Spiritual Inheritance Generational Healing Destiny Restoration

It’s Your Turn to Go Through the Door

Alice didn’t fall down a rabbit hole, she walked through a mystical doorway in a vision to recover blessings her ancestors had not claimed.

When Alice came back and shared her experience, Seneca wasted no time going through her own door.

Del’s approach differed — she wound up floating along in her bloodstream!

Using the map we give in our stories, others went through their own doors leading to better relationships with God and increases in finances, favor, and giftings.

Although this book touches on generational curses and how to remove them, we focus on claiming the blessings your family line has lost.

If you’re open to having a vision or seeing in the spirit, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of learning to see, so you, too, can restore your lost generational blessings.

Your hidden inheritance awaits!
Identity, Pilgrim's Progress, Spiritual Warfare, Identity,

A dreamer once hid inside a very ordinary package of reason. When she was small, she dreamed big dreams, both while asleep and awake. However, if she told those dreams to anyone, they dismissed them and made fun of her. Ashamed and confused, she tucked her dreams inside and no longer visited them.

Until the moment that changed everything.

Finally, the dreamer refused to be contained any longer. For years Creator had whispered, but now she had the courage to pay attention to his voice.

“Identity” tells the engaging story of one girl’s adventures in overcoming obstacles and limitations that keep her from discovering her true self and purpose. Who is she, really? Is there more to this life?

Creator and her inner dreamer cooperate to help her see herself as she was meant to be. Would she listen? Would she have the courage to plow ahead despite betrayal and the traps of her enemiesWhat would happen if we all were willing to take such a journey and listen to our dreamers?

Includes Discussion Guide in the back

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