Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms

Many times, but not always, our physical and especially chronic conditions are rooted in our emotional traumas. The following chart lists a few physical symptoms, their potential emotional roots, and offers a few suggestions for healing based on flower essences from Freedom Flowers, music from Healing Frequencies, and my Inner Healing/Energy Healing Sessions

Nothing is always, when it comes to healing, so if the possible emotional root doesn’t resonate with you, then disregard.  We are hoping this gives you an “Aha!” moment however, or at least gets it in the ball park. Of course this is no substitute for professional medical care. Please consider this an adjunct to what you and your physician are already doing.

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Emotional Roots of Physical Issues Wall Chart Quick Reference Energy Healing Frequency Healing Frequencies Emotional Healing spiritual healing

24″ x 36″ shown here


Physical Symptom Possible Emotional Roots Suggested Flower Essence Healing Frequencies Songs Healing Sessions
Acid Reflux Anxiety, worry Stay Calm Joyous Hope Emotional Clearing
Acne Fear of rejection, need to feel accepted Confidence I AM (album) Emotional Clearing
Acne, Cystic Relationship conflict with mother Evening Primrose, Peace,
Anger Management
I AM (album) Forgiveness Session
ADD/Dyslexia Lack of strong patriarch in family line,
Sunflower, Confidence Spirit Awakens, Wings of Spirit
Ancestral Cleansing,
Empowerment Session
Allergies, food Fear (general) or fear of what God is
calling you to. (Can be subconscious.)
Stay Calm, Confidence Running to Him Emotional Clearing
Allergies, hay fever Fear Stay Calm or specific flowers for specific fears Waves of Spirit (song) Running to Him Emotional Clearing
Alzheimers Self-rejection, guilt Hyssop, Solomon’s Seal, Sow Thistle Open Door, The Wedding, Open Gates Emotional Clearing
Arthritis, Osteo Not forgiving self, holding record of wrongs Hyssop, Solomon’s Seal Open Door, The Wedding Forgiveness Session
Arthritis, Rhematoid Can’t face one’s self, guilt, feels unworthy of love, low, self-esteem Confidence, Harebell, Hyssop Open Door, The Wedding, Open Gates Emotional Clearing, Self-Empowerment
Asthma fear of abandonment, insecurity Heart Healer, Confidence Open Door Forgiveness Session, Emotional Clearing
Autoimmune disorders Attacking self, being self-critical, low self-esteem, guilt, self-rejection Confidence Open Heaven (album), Love Abounds (EMDR) Emotional Clearing, Self-Empowerment
Back pain Over responsibility, pushing self too hard, relational difficulties Align Life Restored, Open Gates Emotional Clearing
Cancer Bitterness Peace, Anger Management Into the Deep (album) Deep Waters, Abiding Love(EMDR) Forgiveness Session
Cardiac issues Fear, anxiety, stress Stay Calm, Stress-Less I AM (album) Emotional Clearing
Chronic Fatigue Anxiety rooted in drivenness to meet the expectation of another in order to receive
Malva, Yellow Monkey Flower, Blue Vervain Life Source, Abiding Love, Into His Presence, Open Gates (album) Emotional Clearing
Coronary Artery Disease Self- rejection Confidence I AM (album) Emotional Clearing, Self-Empowerment
Crohn’s Disease Extreme self-rejection, abandonment, rejection, low self-esteem or drivenness to
meet the expectation of another.
Heart Healer, Confidence Into the Deep (song) Emotional Clearing, Self Empowerment
Cysts, ovarian & breast Conflict with one’s mother Evening Primrose, Peace, Anger Management Open Gates (album), The Wedding
Forgiveness Session
Degenerative Disk Usually generational connected to addictive
Nicotiana, Harebell, Coreopsis Waves of Spirit, (EMDR, song and album) Ancestral Cleansing
Depression Inner conflict at soul or spirit level Joy, Tomorrow Life Source, I AM (album), Open Door, Waves of Spirit (song) Emotional Clearing
Diabetes, Type 1 Self-rejection with guilt, anxiety and stress.
Broken heart/rejection by father, husband or other man
Heart Healer, Confidence, Stay Calm Love Abounds, Abiding Love (EMDR) Emotional Clearing,
Forgiveness Session
Diabetes, Type 2 Fear of failing others, performance and drivenness, can’t receive love, projected rejection. Heart Healer, Confidence, Blue Vervain Love Abounds Emotional Clearing
Digestive Issues (most) Fear, anxiety, stress Stay Calm, Stress Less, Chamomile Open Door Emotional Clearing
Eczema Fear, anxiety, stress Stay Calm, Stress Less Worthy to Behold Emotional Clearing
Fibroids Bitterness against self Confidence Open Gates, Love Abounds (EMDR) Forgiveness Session
Fibromyalgia Abandonment, feeling unsupported or not
nurtured by male figure, feeling like you have
to do things right to be loved. Can also be
from feeling like you have to do all the work in a relationship, or childhood wounds from mother’s
relationship with father or other men
Heart Healer, Confidence Into the Deep (album) Emotional Clearing
High Blood Pressure Worry, stress Stress Less, Peaceful Sleep I AM (album) Life Source (EMDR) Emotional Clearing
High Cholesterol Angry at self, self-deprecation Confidence, Anger Management Into His Presence (album) Emotional Clearing, Self-Empowerment
Hypothyroidism Fear, stress Stress Less, Stay Calm Joyous Hope, Emotional Clearing
Incontinence Fear, anxiety stress Stay Calm, Stress Less Wings of Spirit Emotional Clearing
Malabsorption/Leaky Gut Fear, anxiety, stress Stay Calm, Stress Less Joyous Hope Emotional Clearing
Migraines Guilt resulting in conflict with self or others, in conjunction with fear Hyssop, Stay Calm or essences tailored to situation Life Restored Emotional Clearing
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Fear and anxiety coming out of a broken heart Stay Calm, Heart Healer I AM (album and EMDR) Emotional Clearing
Osteporosis Envy, broken spirit Heart Healer Abiding Love (EMDR) Forgiveness Session, Emotional Clearing
Overeating Fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, armoring, low self-esteem, focus on being in control of food Confidence, Heart Healer, Craving Control Joyous Hope Emotional Clearing
Parasites Fear, anxiety (in the event you have an abnormal battle) Stay Calm Open Gates, Spirit Awakens Emotional Clearing
Parkinson’s Disease Rejection, abandonment, hopelessness, can’t let go of past mistakes Heart Healer, Tomorrow, Hyssop Into His Presence, Abiding Love (EMDR) Emotional Clearing
Prostate problems Anger, guilt, self-rejection Anger Management, Hyssop, Confidence Cleansing Fire (album) Emotional Clearing
Sinus Infection Fear/Anxiety Stay Calm I AM (album) Emotional Clearing
Stroke Self-rejection, self-bitterness Confidence Waves of Spirit Emotional Clearing
Ulcers Fear, stress Stress Less, Stay Calm Open Heaven (album) Emotional Clearing




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