How does what you do differ from other mystics?

I was asked about energy recently. Specifically what I mean by releasing energy when I talk about eliminating your head trash.

Physical energy

My first degree is in biology and chemistry. When I think of energy, it’s from that very physical, natural perspective. All life has and uses energy. It’s why we need to eat and why plants need the sun.

Frequencies are a form of energy and are used more and more widely within the medical community. Electrical stimulation, TENS units, ultrasounds, and more all use frequencies and electrical energy to bring about a desired result.

Quantum physics is the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular and atomic or below levels.

Calories are a measurement of energy.

So when I think about energy, primarily it’s in a very practical, physical way.

I know that the word “energy” is used in a lot of mystical/woo ways. The meridian system was one of those mystical concepts used by acupuncturists, and many others. But, it has now been shown to be a real, tangible, anatomical system in our bodies. Well, it was actually discovered in the 1960s but is becoming more widely known. (This is an article you might be interested in.)

Energy Capacity

We each have a certain energetic capacity that we have for each day. In psychological circles, they talk about the energy draining power or stress level of various life events. In occupational and physical therapy circles they talk about the energy requirements of daily activities such as a hot shower, making dinner, and getting dressed.

If you’ve ever been ill and just getting dressed made you need to take a nap, you’ve experienced this concept at work. Your illness, or rather, your body’s fighting the illness, requires a lot of energy, so there is little left over for other activities.

Stress depletes energy. An illness is a physiological stressor, negative feelings are an emotional stressor.

But this is still in the physical realm, more so than the “woo” one.

Negative emotions can get stuck in our systems if they aren’t processed correctly. There’s a reason that angry people tend to have heart trouble. People who have a lot of anxiety and worry tend to have stomach issues.

Releasing Energy

So, when I talk about releasing negative energy, I actually mean it from a very literal, physical point of view.

Others may talk about energy from very mystical place, but that’s not my position or intention.

As such, energy work in this context is working with the physical being according to the way God designed our bodies to work. God tells us not to let the sun go down on our anger – in part because He knows the damage to our physical bodies it can do, not just our mental and emotional health and our relationships.

So, I don’t find any conflict with Biblical principles or my Christian faith with this use of energy.

I have several methods that I use and that I teach in my upcoming “Take Out Your Head Trash” Class and my Breakthrough Accelerator Program. They are based on what others and myself have found to be helpful in releasing negative emotions and energy from our systems. They are more in the theoretical realm, as science has yet to prove that what appears to be happening is happening, but as much as I love science, I know that there are many areas of life and health that it doesn’t have the tools, at least not yet, to measure.

But, I have found these tools helpful in my life, and so have many of my clients.

I’m excited to share them with you and help you take out that head trash so you can experience the increased capacity for hope and joy and peace in your life.

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