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The quiz results show you may need to overcome control

Do you feel that you are being controlled?

Do you feel the need to be in control of everything?

Do you need to be controlled to accomplish anything?

If so, you may need some healing from control.

Control tells you that you need to be under someone’s thumb at all times or you’ll run amok. Or, it tells you that you have to control everything around you or you won’t be able to be safe, or get anything done. Control tells you that control equals love.

Control lies.

Are you ready to embrace your power and authority and make a change?

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Kickstart your healing easily with flower essences

I recommend flower essences highly and have been using them myself for many years now. I trust the essences from Freedom Flowers because I know Seneca and I know she operates from and with the right spirit in the making of her essences. I won’t go into all the details, as you can find out more on her site. If the descriptions of these don’t fit you, she offers a custom combo HERE. 

Stress-Less Flower Essence may help with:

  • Helping regain balance and flexibility
  • Increasing in intuition, patience, kindness, grace and proper left/right brain balance
  • Balancing lifestyle
  • Engaging all five senses
  • Facilitating deep natural relaxation
  • Winding down the mind
  • Easing fears and anxieties, usually through dreams
  • Shifting priorities and letting go of “time sucking” things
  • Moving to a new level of peace, joy and fulfillment
  • More calming and clearer thoughts
  • Insomnia
  • Releasing stored tension

Anger Management flower essence may help with:

  • Releasing bitterness and resentment
  • Feeling peaceful and letting go of repetitive thoughts
  • Enjoying the people that you’re with
  • Relaxing jaw tension
  • Stabilizing moods
  • Forgiving and letting go
  • Dissolving fear, suppressed anger, and frustration
  • Relating to others without feeling a need for armor and guardedness

Peace Flower Essence may help with:

  • Releasing bitterness and resentment
  • Getting along with others
  • Finding peace during stressful events
  • Winding down after work
  • Dissolving fear, anger and frustration
  • Taking down walls of self-protection
  • Soothing central nervous system
  • Regaining balance and flexibility in life

Craving Control Flower Essence:

  • May reduce cravings and combat addiction and depression
  • Helps you deal with overwhelming emotions. (No more stress eating)
  • Motivates you to make healthy choices and take responsibility for your own well-being
  • Tunes you in to what your body needs for optimum function
  • Helps you overcome feelings of being out of control regarding eating
  • Aids in recovery from emotional eating, binging, bulimia, anorexia, orthorexia
  • Helps you express your emotions in a healthy manner
  • Helps you intuitively navigate the maze of “expert” nutritional advice and make the changes that work with your physical makeup and lifestyle.
  • Institutes a healthy means of self-nuture, rather than medicating with food.
  • Ends fear of weight gain, fear of eating the wrong thing, or too much of it, fear of certain types of foods, or fear linked with any kind of addiction.