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A brilliant and beautiful digital planner that can go with you where ever you go.

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Printed planners are wonderful, I love mine that I created, but it is large and heavy and difficult to customize.

As are journals…

Digital planners and journals are more easily customizable and portable, but most are boring.

So you gather more and more planners and journals and never seem to have the right one with you when you want it.

For years, I created a bullet journal type thing and continuously refined it until it worked extremely well and gave me the structure and organization I was looking for. 

I compiled my designs into a print version, that I published, and have used that for the past couple years. It’s fabulous, large, beautiful, and functional. But it’s size means that it adds up in weight quickly.

Then, one day, during a mastermind meeting with a friend, she mentioned something that had almost everything I was looking for: functionality, and portability!

As a professional fine artist, beauty is important to me. I create art works that bring peace and healing into people and places. Shifting atmospheres and creating places of greater health and well being. My work is hung and enjoyed in homes and businesses locally and internationally. I’ve used my paintings to cover my planners, and enjoy the peace that it brings my daily tasks. 

I love my paper planner, but it’s not the most convenient to travel with.

When my friend mentioned the GoodNotes digital planner, I was intrigued! But, I didn’t find one that had the beauty and all the functionality that I was looking for.

And then, I realized, that I had the skills to build something both beautiful and functional and based on my paper planner that’s helped me achieve many personal and business goals. 

With my friend’s encouragement, I began to experiment with different designs and color palettes. 7 are now ready for a beta release!

Joyful Digital Planner and JournalLilies Digital Planner for sale organizationYarrow digital plannerVeil Digital Planner cover

The pages below are the color palette that comes with Terra31, but each planner has all my favorite pages!

Year overview, quarterly goals, monthly calendar

Introducing seven digital planners fully compatible with GoodNotes and optimized for the iPad and Apple Pencil.

These beta versions are available for a limited time for the first 100 people.

Each includes the image of an original work of art – 8×10 original pieces of my work retail for $245

PLUS! The functionality of my printed calendar which retails for $17

All combined into a synthesis of beauty and function for only $19.95.

You’ll get BOTH the vertical and horizontal layouts of your chosen design.

And also the following bonuses:

Joyful Digital Planner and JournalLilies Digital Planner for sale organizationYarrow digital plannerVeil Digital Planner cover

Does this connect to an online calendar?

No, this replaces a paper planner, but we have links to tutorials on how to multitask to be more efficient.

What are the requirements? 

This works and is optimized for GoodNotes 5 and an iPad with Apple Pencil, but should work with any comparable app with similar functionality for linking and annotation.

Do you offer refunds?

Sadly no, because it is a digital product – but if you’re having difficulties we’ll replace the product at no charge.

Is this dated?


No these are undated so you can start whenever works best for you!

Do I need to wait for Jan? 

Please, don’t! Start your journey now!

How long do I have access to the FB group? 

For as long as the group exists

If you have additional pre-sale questions, please drop me an email.

As a fine artist, an emotional and spiritual healing practitioner, and a business owner, it’s my pleasure to bring you something beautiful and functional. These planners combine all my skills and fulfills part of my God given purpose and mission to bring healing and beauty to the world and help you succeed in all you were created and gifted to do.



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