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Bravely You Belief Reset

When you’ve identified an inconsistency in your beliefs and your knowledge about your identity, the following tapping exercise can help you reset your system to align with the truth about who you are. 

Take note of all that you’ve worked on so far, and use this technique as often as 4-5 times a day for 1-2 statements or beliefs at a time. 

This might look like:

  • It's not safe to be me - It is safe to be me
  • No one accepts me for who I am - I can find people who accept me for who I am
  • I'm stuck and can never be any different - I am strong and able to make positive changes
  • Others decide who I am - I get to decide who I will listen to and how to define and transform into my true identity
  • I've always been ____ - I can become ____ (the opposite of the first blank.

Tapping for negative belief reset and transformation to a positive belief. 

See the diagram: 

  1. Place your right three fingertips on Pt 1, left three fingertips on Pt 2. 
  2. Keep contact with both points as you tap. 
  3. Tap in order, 60 seconds each while thinking about the negative or unhealthy belief. 
  4. Then massage R-H7 then L-H7 clockwise for 60 seconds each while thinking pleasant or positive thoughts about what you released with Points 1&2.
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