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The quiz results show you may need to overcome guilt

Do you often feel guilty for no real reason?

Are others able to manipulate you through guilt?

Do you feel guilty for others’ behavior?

If so, you may need some healing from guilt.

Guilt – false guilt – tells you that you are responsible for the behavior of others, especially abusers. Guilt tells you that you need to submit to the will and manipulation from others in order to keep the peace, or be “good”. Guilt tells you, you’ll never be forgiven.

Guilt lies.

Are you ready to embrace your power and authority and make a change?

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Kickstart your healing easily with flower essences

I recommend flower essences highly and have been using them myself for many years now. I trust the essences from Freedom Flowers because I know Seneca and I know she operates from and with the right spirit in the making of her essences. I won’t go into all the details, as you can find out more on her site. If the descriptions of these don’t fit you, she offers a custom combo HERE. 

Stay Calm Flower Essence may help with:

  • Calming the “fight or flight” response
  • Giving optimism, gladness, courage, and enthusiasm
  • The ability to face difficult situations
  • Facilitating deep natural relaxation
  • Removing fear so revelation can surface
  • Dealing with intimidations, shyness, and public speaking nerves
  • The ability to put opinions, thoughts, and ideas out there without fear
  • The ability to see the bigger picture
  • Prevent panicking
  • Stopping ruminations and worries

Prosper Flower Essence may help you:

  • see yourself as worthy of better
  • ditch mindsets that are holding you back from receiving
  • unravel guilt-based thinking about money
  • get past money or lack-related fears
  • take off self-imposed limitations
  • take necessary leaps
  • be able to plan, imagine and take initiative in going for goals

Peak Performance may help you:

  • Trust your own judgement and intuition
  • Trust that love will still be there for you
  • Ditch the guilt, shame and blame
  • Be your own person
  • Heal from mother and father wounds
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Gain confidence in yourself, your gifts, and abilities