Feel like your head is filled with trash?

It seems to be a common 2020 thing…

Sometimes our mental space gets cluttered up with things we would really rather get rid of. I asked my list to let me know what questions they had about getting rid of their head trash, and thought I would answer some here.

How does negativity hinder you from living out your best life? How does it hinder you from finding your passion in life?

This is a great question, and one I’m excited to answer. Before I got into this realm of inner healing, I had no idea how much the negative thoughts and beliefs I had about myself and the world hindered me from doing what I love. And, in working with many clients over the years, this is very common.

I didn’t even know that those were a problem. But they were.

Perfectionism kept me paralyzed in indecision, over analyzing every detail until opportunities passed me by.

Anger kept me from enjoying, and being enjoyed by!, my family as much as I could be.

All those negative thoughts in my head took up so much time and mental energy that I wasn’t able to explore the gifts God has given me.

I was trying to swim with a backpack of rocks on my back, and while I wasn’t drowning, I wasn’t getting very far very fast.

Being able to release all those things enables me to freely move forward. It’s a process, an ongoing one, I won’t lie and say it isn’t. But I can  recognize the lies when they come, so I don’t spiral downwards. I have the tools to deal with things as they arise so I can keep moving forward towards my goals.

I’ve dropped the backpack of rocks.

Have you ever had that experience where you’re carrying something for a long time: maybe a child, a shopping bag, your giant purse/carry-on bag? It doesn’t seem that heavy at first, and you kind of get used to the weight as your busy doing your shopping or running to catch your next flight. But, when you put it down, you suddenly realize how much lighter you feel, you can stand up straight again.

That’s the kind of relief I’m talking about.

Letting go of who you’re not.

Grabbing hold of who you are with joy and delight.

How do you stay focused when there is so much drama in the world?

Another great question! This one deals more with capacity.

Imagine a cup that’s full or nearly full with coffee or tea. How much milk or cream can you put in it?

Not very much, right?

I always hate it when I can’t get the balance of tea to milk just right because there’s too much tea in my mug!

But, if you pour out half of the coffee or tea, you can put a lot more milk or cream in it.

Now, coffee, tea, milk, and cream are wonderful things, but the picture is the same for all the negativity and craziness in the world.

If you are the cup, and the coffee/tea is the head trash you have, and the milk/cream is the craziness in the world…

If your cup is full, you don’t have the capacity to cope with the craziness and something’s getting spilled.

But, if your mental space is clear, or at the least a lot clearer than it was, you have more capacity to handle the craziness without spilling.

I think this is part of what we’re seeing in the world and why there is so much crazy.

It’s been blow after blow after blow this year, with no time to adjust before something else hits us.

We’re all running lower on capacity than normal.

And if you didn’t have much capacity to start with. It’s not good.

We need to clear out this head trash so we can increase our capacity again.

Capacity to think clearly.

Capacity to make good decisions.

Capacity to adapt and continue to move forward.

To that end, I’m working on something that I hope will help you take out your head trash. If you want to be notified when I have more details, hopefully in a few days, click here and fill out this form:

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