Let go of hurt, anger, confusion, & more.

Grab hold of healing, peace, & clarity.

Start 2021 without the

Head Trash from 2020!

2020 has been rough on all of us. Declutter your head space to set yourself up for a fabulous 2021! 

Course Enrollment closes on December 12, 2020

Negative thoughts and experiences swirling in your head? Stress level higher than normal?

There’s been more than a usual amount of stressful things in 2020.Year of the dumpster fire…

When we started 2020, we thought this would be the beginning of something fabulous. A year for new vision and a decade for great hope and expectation.

That worked well until about March.

The March that never ended…

Pandemics, lockdown, uncertainty.

There’s also been bright lights for many in 2020. Many are more connected than ever before via zoom. People have learned to pivot and adapt.

But it’s still been very stressful.

You can see it in the negativity on social media.

You can see it in the eyes in the mirror.

You can let go of all that stress and negativity.

All that negative energy, thoughts, feelings, and stress can accumulate in your body, mind, and spirit. I will teach you how to remove all of that head trash so that you can start 2021 fresh and ready to receive good things and with greater capacity to pivot as you need to.

Enroll now to take out your head trash.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

We’ll go step-by-step through each of the tools with clear instructions on how and when to use them, so you can not only get rid of your current head trash, but you can continue to keep the trash out.

Release Negative Emotions

Simple but powerful & effective techniques for releasing negative energy so that you increase your capacity for positive change.

Reprocess Negative Experiences

DIY ways to engage both sides of your brain to reprocess those experiences so that you are open to new joyful experiences.

Get Unstuck to Move Forward

Stop hitting “repeat” on the negativity so that you can move forward in hope and confidence.

This is What’s Here for You:

Learn tools and techniques to clear out your head trash now and as it comes.

Text, Video, and Audio lessons so you can absorb the material the best way for you.

Q&A sessions as needed – text or video.

Quick start action guides so that you can get started as soon as you want!


Release Negative Emotions

I’ll show you where those negative emotions hide in your meridian systems, and how to easily and quickly release them so that you have the capacity to receive positive change.


Reprocess Negative Experiences

I’ll show you how to help your system reprocess negative experiences so that they won’t be on repeat in your head so that you’re able to create positive thought patterns.


Release Negative Thoughts

I’ll show you how to stop those negative thoughts in their tracks so that you can flip them to positive thoughts and actions.


Reprocess Misbeliefs

I’ll show you how to find the roots of misbeliefs and give you strategies for replacing them with the truth about who you are so that you can move forward toward your gift and call.


Take Advantage of these Great Bonuses!

Bonus 1
Secret Facebook Group

Join a safe, caring group of people who will help you take that head trash to the dumpster and out of your life.

Let’s not set it on fire, though, mmmkay?!

Bonus 2
PDF Downloadable Action Guides

You can’t always sign-on to the class when things come up, so download the action guides for releasing on the go.

Take the healing tools with you everywhere!

Bonus 3
Free eBook to Download

Alice’s book, A Guide to Freedom will help you continue to move forward with 11 strategies.

A great guide to continue your positive journey.

About The Course Teacher,Alice Briggs

Alice helps people declutter their minds through books, courses, and one on one sessions. She is trained in multiple techniques and will be putting on her garbage-person coveralls to help you take out that head trash today and tomorrow.

Here’s what people are saying about Alice

Rejection Trashed!

I was struggling with rejection. To use Alice’s words I was experiencing a tremendous amount of “head trash” and I needed help to trash it, compost it. I had read Alice’s books and blog, which were helpful, but I needed more. … Alice is Spirit led and for me that was why what she offered worked. -LT

I left confident!

I recently took an online class taught by Alice Briggs. She was professional, knowledgeable, and organized. And she can clearly explain complex topics. I left her class feeling confident that I could successfully complete a project that I’d previously considered hiring someone else to do. I plan to take more classes from her. – PC

Gave me confidence!

I was intimidated by the thought of building a merch store for my website. Alice explained every element needed in an easy to follow manner giving me the confidence and knowledge to create my online store. I would take any course offered by Alice in the future. – Fatima Fayez

I recommend any class…

Before working with Alice I had a functional site. She taught me how to add plugins, build a store, and use a theme that is pleasing to the eye. Now, I have an interactive site with increased traffic and engagement. I highly recommend taking any class she offers.

Alice is helpful and informative.

I was fortunate to have a beta slot in a class that Alice Briggs was teaching. It was so helpful and informative. She covered things from start to finish, to make certain that everyone, on every level could understand. She also managed to do all that without it being dull (which is such a plus!) Looking forward to more classes from her.

What Amazing Things Could You Do if Your Head Trash Didn’t Get In Your Way?

Would you sleep better at night without the thoughts swirling?

Would you have freedom to create better art, write more words, make sound financial decisions?

Would your relationships improve without all the negative self-talk?

Let’s get rid of it and find out!

Take out your Head trash

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Course Enrollment closes on December 12, 2020

This Class is for You if…

You are ready to get rid of your mental clutter.

You are ready and willing to do the work of healing.

You are ready to  embrace positive change.

You are ready to leave the stress of 2020 behind and start 2021 fresh!


I’m so excited to share these strategies with you that I use regularly in my own life and with my clients. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the class, and hearing about the fabulous progress you’ll make!

2020 has been rough on all of us. Declutter your head space to set yourself up for a fabulous 2021! 

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