As I said before, this current crisis can hit you in a multitude of ways. There is no right way to feel, and no wrong way to feel. We just don’t want whatever we’re feeling, if it’s negative, to get stuck in our systems to be triggered later on, or cause health issues for us later on.

I think what I want to do is to provide you with tools for each emotion that seems to be common in it’s own post. In this way, I hope not to overload you with tons of information. Because I don’t think any of us are processing at our best right now. I know I’m not!

First, let’s talk about fear.

Well, first, let’s talk about your meridian system. When I first got trained in Splankna, the meridian system was on the woo side of things – more theory and hypothesis than fact. Eastern medicine has used it for centuries, but it’s ignored in Western medicine. However, scientists have discovered actual anatomical structures that parallel the meridian systems. It’s now called the Bonghan system. (, accessed 4/7/20). Or the primo vascular system (, accessed 4/7/20) It’s been so fun watching the scientific developments!

The meridians – as I’m in the habit of calling them! – appear to operate much like an electrical system in your house. Emotional energy can be stored in various places, and if not processed appropriately, can get stuck there and cause physical or emotional issues. There are 12 meridians, and we associate them with organs, though they involve more than those organs. But it gives us a good place to aim for.

Emotions themselves are not avoidable – you just don’t want the negative ones to get stuck in your system!

So, think of the meridians like an electrical circuit – when you flip the switch on your wall, the electricity can flow, and the light turns on. But doing what we call circuitry and intention, we flip the switch and release the negative emotions from where ever they’re stuck. 

Back to fear – fear is stored in the bladder meridian. To release it, place one hand on or near your bladder, and the other on your forehead. Think about releasing the fear. Some people can sense the energy shift easily, and others are not. It still works either way. What I typically tell people is that when you go from feeling uncomfortable because it’s a new thing, to really awkward, it’s usually because your system has cleared the emotion and is wondering what you’re doing! After you’ve cleared the fear, hold the same points and think about filling all those places with peace and love – or anything good that replaces the fear.

You can also picture gathering up all the fear out of every cell of your body and giving it to Jesus. Some clients find it easier to pack it in a box or other container first and then give it to him. Remember that he died on the cross for that fear – and he’s the best at getting rid of it. You can do this in stages or all at once, or as often as needed, however works best for you. Maybe you need to do it based on what you’re afraid of. Whatever helps you best. After you’ve given Jesus the fear, ask him what he has for you in return, and write that down. Hold on to that image or thought or verse, when the fear tries to come at you again.

I hope this is helpful for you! Remember that it’s okay not to be okay right now. If you’re struggling with fear, you may have to do this regularly to gain the victory. Do this as often as is helpful for you!

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