Are you terrified of making a mistake?

When faced with something new, is your first response one of fear of failure?

When you’ve completed a project, are the flaws all you see?

If so, you may be a perfectionist.

Perfectionism tells you that you have to do it all right. You can’t make a mistake. You have to do everything perfectly or you’re worthless. Perfection makes you afraid to try new things because you’re not likely to do them perfectly and that would ruin your life.

Perfectionism lies.

This book will walk you through emotional and spiritual healing strategies from a Christian worldview so you won’t need to listen to those lies ever again. We’ll cover:

  • Generational Issues
  • Ungodly Beliefs and Lies
  • Emotional Wounds
  • Demonic Oppression
  • And more!
  • Plus strategies to walk out the healing you’ve received

Are you ready to pursue excellence with freedom and joy?

Will be on sale where ever books are sold 8/31/19

Pre-orders are, or will be shortly, available on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Google, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, and more!

I’m so excited to be able to offer you world-wide distribution.

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