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The quiz results show you may need to overcome pride

Do you feel that you have to be the best to have any value?

Do you always have to be better than others?

Do you feel that you are horrible and can’t take a compliment?

If so, you may need some healing from pride.

Unhealthy pride tells you that you are better than others. It tells you that you can’t be bothered to do something “beneath” you or your position to help someone else. Pride may also wrap itself in false humility and be overly critical and harsh with yourself.

Pride lies.

Are you ready to heal your heart and embrace the fullness of your identity?

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Kickstart your healing easily with flower essences

I recommend flower essences highly and have been using them myself for many years now. I trust the essences from Freedom Flowers because I know Seneca and I know she operates from and with the right spirit in the making of her essences. I won’t go into all the details, as you can find out more on her site. If the descriptions of these don’t fit you, she offers a custom combo HERE. 

Confidence Flower Essence may help you:

  • Be comfortable being yourself in social situations
  • Feel worthy of good things like love, friendship, money
  • Make better decisions and seize opportunities without issues of self-doubt creeping in
  • Have a stronger sense of identity
  • Speak clearly and assertively
  • Show off your personality to the world
  • Recognize your unique gifts and abilities
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stop letting others speak for you
  • Stop searching for others approval
  • Heal self-image wounds from childhood
  • Find that happy point between insecurity and pride.

Recovery Flower Essence may help with:

  • Strengthening resolve of own recovery process during any illness (physical, spiritual, or mental)
  • Making healthy choices
  • Counteracting health related fears
  • Keeping a positive attitude during recovery process
  • Assisting you during emotional exhaustion
  • Knowing how to change situations, relationships or behavior for a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Grounding during recovery process
  • Building joy, energy and resilience
  • Instilling a sense of beauty and youthfulness
  • Allowing your spirit to guide the healing process

Peak Performance may help you:

  • Trust your own judgement and intuition
  • Trust that love will still be there for you
  • Ditch the guilt, shame and blame
  • Be your own person
  • Heal from mother and father wounds
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Gain confidence in yourself, your gifts, and abilities