I am currently available for sessions via Skype as well as in person at my office in Lubbock, TX. Other clients report a wide range of benefits experienced including freedom to pursue their dreams, able to maintain peace in formerly stressful situations, decreased anxiety, increased peace, among others. Even some physical issues have been resolved such as high blood pressure, high blood sugars, and migraines*. The benefits are as varied as the people who work with me!

Session cost:  $75 – up to 1 hour

Forgiveness Sessions will focus on what forgiveness is and is not, and working through forgiveness issues that you may have that are blocking further healing. Possible areas of forgiveness include: self, family, friends, larger groups, Creator, etc.

Ancestral Cleansing (also called Generational Work) will focus on issues passed down to you through the bloodline. Possibilities include: Curses, Agreements, Strongholds, Entities, Altered DNA, Victim’s Marks, etc. You  might also be interested in my Generational Healing Class. 

Emotional Clearing will focus on releasing whatever negative emotions are hindering your progress. Negative emotions can be stored and get stuck in our organ systems. Over time they can begin to manifest in physical ways.

Self Empowerment Sessions will focus on clearing lies and vows you’ve made about yourself.

*NEW* Fragment Healing Sessions will focus on healing and integrating fragments that have been discovered while on Fragment Finder Flower Essence, or in any other way.

General Sessions are for those who know there’s some kind of block, but don’t know where to start. These are currently my most popular sessions. This is also the best session to choose if I’ve confused you with any or all of the above! We will pray to begin, and then follow where the Lord leads us – after all, He knows best!

All sessions are 1 on 1 with me via Skype. You will be given “homework” after each session specific to your issue as well as general information my clients find helpful.

After your purchase via the button below, I will contact you via email to set up a time. I am in Central Time, but have a variety of times available to accommodate various time zones. I will send you links to my client information sheet and the consent form. I will request you on Skype prior to our time and then call you at the appointed time. I do require 24 hour notice to reschedule. No-shows will forfeit all monies paid.

I look forward to working with you!



*Inner healing does not directly affect physical issues, and is not a treatment or cure for physical diseases or illnesses of any kind. It can be effective at the reduction in symptoms to the extent that there is a spiritual or emotional root. These results are not guaranteed or implied, this is merely the report of clients who attribute symptom reduction to work they have done, and inner healing has not been medically verified as the cause. There have been no rigorous, scientific studies regarding the efficacy of inner healing methods as yet. By purchasing a session, you agree that I can give you no guarantee of specific outcomes or results.



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