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Set Yourself Up For Success!

An undated planner for intentional success.
Set annual goals and quarterly targets.
Create a monthly plan of attack with weekly tasks.
Attack the list daily and celebrate all your wins!
Lots of note pages at the end for brainstorming, classes, notes, strategies and anything that you desire!

At the beginning of the year, remind yourself of your lifestyle goals and create a master list of objectives and ideas for the year. Map out an overview plan or mark out important dates on the year overview section.

Each quarter, choose 3-4 big projects to attack and break them down into smaller tasks. Assign them to weeks of the months.

Every month has a large 2 page spread with 1 7/8″ by 1 3/4″ square and task list – lots of room to schedule all your tasks.

Every week is one grid page with places for appointments and goals each day, space to track task completion, and a place for daily wins to track your success. At the end of the month is a place for additional ideas, a place to track your monthly wins, and 2 lined pages for whatever you might need.

At the end of the year, is another section like at the beginning for next year plans, goals, and important dates. Four months per page, with the fourth page for the following 4 years for long term goal setting.

After that are 60 gridded pages for whatever notes you need to take, or tracking goals, or…..

By tracking your success, you are much more likely to keep working at them to reach your desired goal. Set smart goals and then achieve them bit by bit.

You can do it! You are winning!

Note: The interior is black and white, even though the images show color.

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