It is your turn to go through the door and access your spiritual inheritance.

A couple friends/business partners and I were experimenting with the 528 Creative DNA essence before they rolled it out to the public. You might remember, that I took that essence actually on pure faith, as I had no idea what it was supposed to do. While taking it, I had a type of dream that has become fairly common while on this essence: a Grandma’s basement dream. After I woke, I then had a vision which I documented and in which I recovered spiritual inheritance that had been lost through time. I sent it to Del and Seneca to see what they thought. I little knew how significant that would be! Seneca sat down immediately and used my experience as a rough guide for her own.

It has really been amazing to see the beginnings of the changes that have been made as a result of this. There’s more freedom to explore who I am, and more confidence in moving forward in all areas of my life. While it hasn’t been very long as yet – we wanted to get this out as quickly as possible when we saw the success readers were having – I believe this has been instrumental in opening up avenues of connection for myself and my businesses.

We started writing a book with our experiences and the template for readers to follow and hopefully discover realms of healing they had not experienced before. It didn’t take long, however, for us to realize that we also needed some background material for those less experienced or needing more understanding of what to do, how and why.

The basic premise is that we all have some great stuff in our ancestry that we have inherited or have a right to. But what we have seen is that sometimes those things are trapped, and our family line loses access to them. This is how to get them back.

Why it took three of us to write this thing

I, quite by accident, had this experience and then developed the template, or maybe it’s easier to think of as a map to where your inheritance is in the spiritual dimension. It’s the way you can journey there and get it back. I also do generational healing or ancestral cleansing in my line of work, so this is my area of expertise, and you’ll see that when you read.

We have a little Alice in Wonderland allegory lightly woven throughout. Just as the original Alice drank a little potion to get through a door in an alternate dimension, so did our Alice.

Seneca, then, is the “potion” manufacturer – most typically flower essences. You won’t need a potion once you have the template. It just put us all in a revelatory place where we could get this all down for you to follow. She has interspersed her insights throughout the book, as have all three of us.

Del is the musician that created the music that the 528 essence came from. Not only that, but she is a spiritual travel agent, meaning she takes people on trips in the spirit realm. We needed her to teach you in case you don’t know how to do that yet.

The thing you need to know about Del is that she is not a natural at this stuff. You know how you want to learn and somebody gifted tries to teach you, but they don’t know how to teach because they’re gifted and they just do it without knowing how? That’s not Del. She can teach because she had to actually learn. She’s also a professional educator, so she knows how to communicate and work with you.

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