Generational Healing Class

Generational Healing Class Ancestral Cleansing spiritual healing history need spiritual healing

Family can be stressful… Family get togethers are not necessarily the happy and joyous occasions that advertisers would like us to think that they are. Our family, those who should love us most, can often be our source of greatest pain. Often we find that patterns of behavior repeat themselves over and over again – and […]

Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance

Access Spiritual Inheritance Generational Healing Spiritual Healing Seeing in the Spirit Vision Adventure Ancestral Cleansing

It is your turn to go through the door and access your spiritual inheritance. A couple friends/business partners and I were experimenting with the 528 Creative DNA essence before they rolled it out to the public. You might remember, that I took that essence actually on pure faith, as I had no idea what it was supposed […]