So… What’s with all the session choices?

Good question!

I’m trained in a couple inner healing protocols, but they aren’t necessarily very informative unless you’re familiar with them. So, I’ve pulled out pieces of the puzzle that I often address in working with clients in the hopes of giving you a better understanding of what you might expect. It isn’t necessary to choose any particular type of session, and we’ll most likely work on several of these in any given session. But, I thought I would take some time, and describe each of these things in a bit more detail for you.

The second is Ancestral Cleansing or Generational Work.

If you have a familial pattern that you want to be set free from, this is the session for you. We may address Curses, Agreements, Strongholds, Entities, Altered DNA, Victim’s Marks, or others depending on where the Lord leads. This is one of my favorite types of inner healing, because you have the potential to set a lot more people free than just you! Clients have reported that aunts and cousins have been set free from issues after they were addressed in a session by the client. So fun! I would love to help you set you and your family free! Grab your session now!  You might also be interested in my Generational Healing Class.

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