Healing Pandemic Epigenetic Changes

Dealing with epigenetic changes related to pandemics flu spanish flu corona virus cover-19 'rona

When COVID-19 first really became a thing in the US, I was at an artist mastermind and conference. So, I heard little bits here and there before I left, but by the time I went back home, it filled the news and social media with all the reports of hoarding. It took me a while […]

Looking for Hope? Take Courage! It’s not Just You.

Hope Courage Discouragement Hopeless Help

How are you doing? Have you been feeling like nothing is working, nothing will work, it’s all hopeless and you might as well quit? Everything’s overwhelming and just too hard. Yeah…it’s been going around, or rather in the atmosphere. I got hit with it pretty hard earlier this year and thought it was just me. […]