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Have you been feeling like nothing is working, nothing will work, it’s all hopeless and you might as well quit? Everything’s overwhelming and just too hard.

Yeah…it’s been going around, or rather in the atmosphere.

I got hit with it pretty hard earlier this year and thought it was just me. I just tried working harder to see if I couldn’t push through and get ‘er done anyway. I pushed myself until I hit a wall…

Not literally, fortunately. But, thankfully a friend and life coach brought it to my attention. I got off the hamster wheel, and the rest has been delightfully healing! I started to realize that lots of other people I know have been similarly struggling. Oh, the details are different, but there’s this same spiral downwards that sucks the life and hope out of you. I just talked to someone else today who is going through a similar thing.

It seems to be attacking people especially in the realm of destiny. That thing that normally is your greatest gift and joy – has become a burden and a drag. It’s too hard. It’s never going to get better. You should just quit, right?

Absolutely not!!!

Don’t let the lies win.

Hope Comes in the Morning The odd thing about this particular attack, is that it seems to be able to blind your eyes to the truth about your situation. You’re not able to see the progress that’s been made, or how well you’re really doing. It’s the craziest thing… I looked at the same black and white numbers on a page and saw failure, when they don’t say that at all – I’m actually doing quite well. But I couldn’t see it.

At least, I couldn’t see it until I got away from busyness and into rest. Then the light of hope began to dawn.

So, how do you get off the hamster wheel?

Freedom Hope HoplessI still have a ways to go to recover my physical strength, but I’ll tell you this: my joy and hope are back. I didn’t even realize how joyless I had become, until the joy started coming back. My job now is to continue to get my strength back and to not lose sight of the lessons I’ve learned; to continue to allow for rest and relaxation so that hopelessness can’t get a foothold again.

As I said at the beginning, hopelessness is in the atmosphere – which means that it’s like a broadcast that your spirit and soul hear that your ears don’t. It sounds like your voice, but it’s not…it’s the enemy – the one who’s job it is to steal, kill, and destroy. If you like, you can pray the following prayer over yourself or your friends and family. Or pray one like it. The exact words don’t matter as much as being aware of what’s coming at you and knowing you have the authority to send it back. Feel free to add in there anything that you’re sensing.

I see you hopelessness and overwhelm. You are not mine, and I refuse to partner with you. I break you off of me and I revoke any agreement that I’ve made with you. I cast you to the cross of Jesus, and I place the blood of Jesus between all of that and me. I reverse and correct all effects of this hopelessness and overwhelm, and I ask you Father, to fill me with your hope and courage. Please give me wisdom and revelation to know how to move forward in the path where you’ve placed me. I receive Your truth that there is always hope, and that You have given me a good destiny that I can move forward in and towards. I thank you for your peace, hope, and joy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Some other things that you might find helpful to gain new hope, and to reinforce the hope that you gain:

Tomorrow Flower Essence Hope

My friend Seneca at Freedom-Flowers has a “Tomorrow” flower essence that rebuilds lost hope and eases anxiety about the future. Helps you to receive insight about the path you are on and helps you to grab hold of opportunities by shutting down cynicism and apathy. You just put a few drops in whatever you’re drinking, or under your tongue.

New Hope Healing Frequencies Music EMDR

Another friend, Del at Healing Frequencies Music has a new album out called New Hope. I’ve been listening to it softly at night, but all day every day might be fabulous! It’s also available on iTunes and will hopefully be up on Amazon soon!

If you need or want some one on one help, grab a session with me here.

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