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Emotional Wounds, Demonic Oppression, and Anger at God

In the last 2 blogs, we’ve dealt with the generational issues, forgiveness, ungodly beliefs, and soul ties pertaining to insecurity. If you haven’t read those posts, please go back and do so as it will make further work easier for you. When you’re ready, continue on below. You can either work through these one at a time, or skip around and choose what you feel you need at this time.

It’s important to keep moving through each of these processes. Don’t spend lots of time trying to think of the people and situations involved. Trust God to bring those to your attention you need to deal with now. If there are others that come up later, you can return to these prayers and do that work at that time. 

Process for targeted issue blog posts on DIY healing
Healing Prayers prayers that heal

Father, I come before You this day because I need your help to access the freedom Jesus purchased for me on the Cross from insecurity. I take authority over myself, my space, and my will and I submit myself to You so I can agree with You completely where ever You lead me through this process. I remove all coverings over content and cut off all enemy access, placing everything into Jesus’ hands. I ask You, Lord Jesus, to gather up and bind all warfare seeking to hinder me from getting free from insecurity or any other issue. Please send any back up I might need.

I repent of all enemy rights and agreements and suspend them and all areas of access he has to me. I place them into Jesus’ hands to keep during my work. Thank You, Father, for Your provision and protection. 

I ask You, Holy Spirit, for any blessings I need as I do this work. I ask for an anointing of power and authority as I address this issue. Please give me clarity of thought and intention and a breakthrough in healing. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Emotional Wounds

One of the major access points the enemy has over each of is through unhealed, or ineffectively healed, emotional wounds. Something has hurt us many times throughout our lives, it’s how we handle these hurts that can become a problem. Sometimes, these hurts shape our beliefs about ourselves and others inaccurately. Maybe they disregarded our feelings, or no one knew how to help us work through what we thought, felt, or experienced. There’s probably no end to the various ways people can hurt. But do we allow God to help us work through those hurts, or do we stuff them in hopes that they will go away?

Before we go too much further on, I want to say that I believe most people do the best they can with what they know. Both we who hurt, and the ones who are doing the hurting. Most people act in hurtful ways because of their own woundings. Most people are doing the best they know how given what they’ve been through. And, this is one of the most important reasons, in my opinion, for getting healed – so the pattern of hurtfulness ends with us. We get healed and we learn how to treat others better, and the world becomes a better place.

This may be an area where you need to have the assistance of someone else to walk with you through this process. Partly, to keep moving through the process and not get stuck in the hurt. This depends on how healed you are, how fresh or deep the wound is, how much the issue is currently being triggered, etc. If you get stuck, this is a perfect time to phone a friend, or seek out a minister who can help you move through this process. There is no shame in getting help. The point is to get healed!

I also recommend you take one memory or hurt at a time and go through the process. If more than one occasion of the same hurt comes to mind, you can often deal with them as a group. Just set your intention to include each time that hurt occurred in your life. If you get different ones, make a note of the others, and pick one to get started with. You can keep going through your list until they are all done, although, you may need to take some time for your system to adjust after each of them. Again, this depends on how the hurts affected you.

The following is a basic template I use during my sessions with clients as well as myself. It is a guide, not a super rigid framework. The order is generally the best, although, sometimes you need to go back to an earlier point and then move forward. 

Healing Prayers prayers that heal
  1. Ask Jesus or the Holy Spirit to take you to the memory that is the first time something hurt you related to insecurity.
  2. Tell Jesus how you are feeling in that memory.
  3. Give all of those negative emotions to Jesus. Some people find it helpful to picture pulling the negativity out of each cell or body part starting at the toes and working upwards, finally giving it all to Jesus, or placing it at the foot of the cross. Sometimes you need to take each emotion one at a time and give it to Jesus, and other times you can gather the whole mess up at once and give it. Keep doing this until you’ve given it all to Him, or placed it all at the cross.
  4. Place the blood of Jesus between all of the negativity and you. Ask Jesus to fill you with the opposite of what you’ve just released. E.g., His patience, love, hope, belonging, etc.
  5. Invite Jesus in to the memory to heal your hurt. Watch and wait to see what He does. He may want to take you to the Father.
  6. You may need to revisit some earlier posts and walk through forgiveness, ungodly lies and beliefs, etc. 
  7. When you’ve finished all the healing, ask Jesus, Father, or the Holy Spirit to tell you what He thinks of you, or the situation, or whatever is appropriate in the situation. Write down what you see, hear, feel, or sense.
  8. You can repeat this process for all hurts related to insecurity, or any other issue you’re dealing with. This is also effective for current hurts. 

Demonic Oppression

I’ve often heard the demonic described as rats on garbage. Part of what we’ve been doing in all of these posts and sections until now, is to get rid of the “garbage” of insecurity so the rats have nothing left to attach to or feed on. Little by little, we’ve eliminated the contact points or rights we’ve given the enemy. Once we heal, break, and close off their rights, access, and contact points, it’s pretty easy to kick them off.

We name the demonic by their function, primarily. So, since we’ve been dealing with insecurity, we will get rid of the demons of insecurity as well as any under their authority or involved in any way. Sometimes, you can just toss the whole package, and sometimes they need to be named one by one. Just repeat the prayer as often as you need to until you’ve gotten rid of all of them. If you think of others later, just pray through the prayer again.

You’ll notice it’s not a complicated prayer. It’s simple but powerful. Through Christ, we have authority over the enemy especially when all their rights are gone. This is a legal proceeding, not a power play so volume is not necessary. The enemy is not hearing impaired and he knows better than we the authority we carry. This is why he often relies on hiddenness, darkness, and intimidation. But, we’ve seen his plan and foiled his plots, so let’s get rid of him!

Healing Prayers prayers that heal
  1. Father, forgive me for buying into the lies of insecurity, for giving insecurity access to me and my life through all the generational issues, soul ties, unforgiveness, ungodly beliefs, word curses, and woundings. 
  2. I forgive myself for buying into the lies of insecurity and I accept God’s forgiveness.
  3. I renounce, break, and cancel any and all agreements made with insecurity along with any other entity under its authority or affiliated with it in any way. (Name any that come to mind, but don’t linger here.)
  4. I gather up insecurity and all entities involved in any way (including the list in #3, if needed) and cast them to the cross of Jesus. I place the blood of Jesus between all of that and me.
  5. I ask you Jesus, to fill me with your peace and wholeness (and the opposite of any of the entities you’ve mentioned). Please teach me how to walk in your ___ as I go throughout the rest of my life. 

Anger at God

You may find you are holding some anger, disappointment, or bitterness at God. Go back through these posts and work through this anger as it pertains to insecurity. Don’t try to hide it, He knows, and He longs to have that block or hinderance removed from between you. This can be a tricky thing to spot, so if you’re stuck, it’s a great time to reach out to a trusted friend or minister for some help.

Healing Prayers prayers that heal

Father, I ask you to set Your seal upon the work I have and will be doing regarding emotional wounds, demonic oppression, and any anger I have at You. I believe You are faithful to continue this work and bring me to greater and greater realms of healing and wholeness. I cancel any and all curses, devices, or assignments of the enemy and break off any retaliation in the Name of Jesus. I seal all doors and windows in the spirit with Jesus’ blood and thank You and praise You for Your protection. Please minister to me as my system adjusts to this new level of healing and wholeness and comes into alignment with Your design.

Next post, I’ll go over some next steps for freedom from insecurity by learning to walk out your healing. This is the process of moving not only into more freedom, but into dominion over insecurity and all its effects in your life and the lives of others!