So… What’s with all the session choices?

Good question!

I’m trained in a couple inner healing protocols, but they aren’t necessarily very informative unless you’re familiar with them. So, I’ve pulled out pieces of the puzzle that I often address in working with clients in the hopes of giving you a better understanding of what you might expect. It isn’t necessary to choose any particular type of session, and we’ll most likely work on several of these in any given session. But, I thought I would take some time, and describe each of these things in a bit more detail for you.

The third is emotional clearing.

One of the protocols that I’m trained in (Splankna) is the only Christian methodology out there – that I know of – that has a means to release the negative emotions out of your body’s systems. It is extraordinarily effective at this. I often find that people who have been through many other types of inner healing methods, are lacking this particular piece. The warfare has been dealt with, the lies and vows have been renounced, but still there’s something “stuck”. It’s a simple procedure to release the emotions and then to do any mop-up warfare that seems indicated. Imagine if you didn’t have that ugly feeling all the time that you can’t seem to get rid of… Grab a session, and we’ll work on getting all of that released!

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