You may have seen posts lately related to a new book I’ve written with a couple of friends because of adventures we’ve had. It’s about Accessing your Spiritual Inheritance – you might also remember a blog post that Seneca Schurbon, one of those friends posted on her site. If not, you can find that blog post here.

The short story is that Del Hungerford of Healing Frequencies Music created a CD based on the 528 healing frequency. It’s commonly believed to be healing for the DNA. While she was creating the music, she also created a sound essence similar to Seneca’s flower essences that are available at Freedom Flowers. They gave me a sample to try. While I was on it, I had the dream and then a vision as stated in the blog post above. They jumped in and tried to replicate what I’d done, and did so. We created the post to share our adventures. Since it was posted, several people reported being able to similarly go and access their spiritual inheritance. We decided that writing a book about it would be a good next step. This way everything is in one place and easy to follow (or at least our editor is ensuring that it is!).

Prior to this, I started writing an allegorical story about my process of learning to see in the Spirit, and sharing some of my adventures along the way. For so many of us, it isn’t a simple or easy process, and I wanted to encourage people to not give up and to continue onward. Yes, I’m finding that writing books is getting alarmingly addictive!

I realized that portions of that book might be helpful as a preface of sorts to the book the three of us hope to publish within a few weeks now. Not literally a part of the book, but just as posts on Facebook and so forth. My hope is that you will be able to see my process a bit more clearly of going from a logical scientist, although always one of faith, to the more intuitive artistic seer.

Since I’m all about helping you find things easily, I will compile the excerpts from my tentatively named manuscript “The Daughter” into a few blog posts. It begins as follows:

“There once was a dreamer hidden inside a very ordinary package of reason. When she was small, she dreamed big dreams, both asleep and when she was awake. But, when she told them to anyone, they dismissed those dreams, and made fun of her. So, she tucked her dreams inside, and no longer visited them. She did well in school, getting good grades and focusing her attention on succeeding according to what “they” said. She wasn’t trying to smother her spirit, she was just trying to survive. And survive she did…of a sort. She graduated from high school, and went to college. She did well there, but the dreamer within was beginning to get restless. She firmly pushed it down and went on to graduate school and got a well-paying job with benefits and a good retirement plan, and felt very proud of herself. 

“Until the dreamer refused to be contained any longer. She had heard the Creator’s call.”

More to come…

The book, Identity, has been published and can be purchased from me at the office or on Amazon here.

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