The beginning of the story excerpts can be found here. These are more of the excerpts from “The Daughter” about Reason learning to see…

Dreamer and Creator would talk together as Reason slept. Creator would tell Dreamer of the plans He was making. And of how He was working to soften Reason’s mind. And, as they would talk, those pictures would move across Reason’s mind as she slept. Then months later, or sometimes weeks, she would be where the Creator had planned for her to be, and doing the things that Creator had planned for her to do, and she would recognize that she had been here before.

Of course, Reason had heard of deja vu, who hadn’t? But, she didn’t understand it. “How can I have been here before, with these same people and doing these same things? Sometimes, I’m even saying the same thing I did before.” The more it happened, the more difficult it was for her to disregard. Yet, she didn’t realize the truth.

Reason began seeing and hearing other clues that the Creator was leaving in her path. She loved numbers, so He delighted in showing her the same numbers in various places. She learned how to interpret them, and this new way to communicate with Creator delighted her. Through finding out what Creator was doing with the numbers, she began to pay more attention to her dreams at night. She began to search the Bible for references that pertained to the numbers she saw and the symbols that came in her dreams.

Dreamer was delighted! Their plan was working! Creator had given Reason several friends who heard from Him in ways that Reason didn’t understand because she had forgotten them. But Dreamer remembered and was encouraged. She was beginning to be heard again! She could live once more.

Those things that she found helpful, she took hold of. Each tool that worked, she carefully stored in her tool belt. She learned about how to clear things off from her bloodline, and as she did that, she was finally freed from hate, anger, and unforgiveness. It was still a process, but little by little she got free.

As freedom came, she began to realize that she wasn’t able to see things in the Spirit like some of her friends could, and she began to wonder why. She thought that maybe that wasn’t her gift, or something like that. Dreamer got a little frustrated with her at this point. And Creator laughed.

“It’s all well and good for you to laugh, you’re not the one being ignored and discounted!”

“Dear one, don’t worry! You are a part of her, and a much more significant part than she has any idea of. Be patient a bit longer. It isn’t just you that she has a problem with, it’s I as well. It is at the point of her greatest gifting that she has received her greatest wounding. But, she is healing nicely. It won’t be long now. The irrationality of one who’s calling is so visual not being able to see, will grow more incongruous and she will no longer be able to ignore it or either one of us in this area. Hearing is not seeing, but her greater ability to hear will help her to see more when once she opens her eyes, or allows her eyes to be opened.”

Not long after that, Reason realized how odd it was that she could do many things to help others see, yet she could not see herself. She began to try and see.

“Creator, I want to see what you want to show me.”

“Well, child, open your eyes and look. Tell me what you see.”

“I just see darkness.”

“Yes, your doubt and fear have clouded your vision with that darkness. Your battle is not over yet, Dear One.”

Reason, saddened but not willing to give up, saw a road and began to walk. She began to look around her as she walked down the road, and realized that she couldn’t see very far on either side. She saw a bench up ahead under a tree, and hurried to go and sit down. The Son sat beside her.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Shouldn’t there be more in this land than just this road and the bits of grass along side of it?” Reason asked, puzzled.

“Oh, there is! There is much, much more.”

“It’s just that I can’t see it?”

“Yes, at least, not yet.”

“How do I get over my doubt and unbelief so that I can see?”

“You replace them with trust and belief.”

“That sounds easy enough, but why can’t I do that?”

“You haven’t tried. You’ve been too busy trying not to have doubt, and not to have unbelief. But you’ve been focused on the problem, not the solution.”

More to come…

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