A couple friends and I were talking this morning, and they helped to clarify for me something that’s been niggling at the back of my mind for a few days. We live in different places, and while we have some friends in common, most of our friends are not known to one another. So, when we started comparing notes about the same patterns of behavior being seen in a wide variety of places, I realized that this is a much broader issue than a couple people having an off day.

There seem to be a lot of people having abnormal amounts of anxiety. Maybe you’ve noticed this in yourself as well, I know I have. I was very anxious about several things this morning. Some of them are areas that bear watching and attention so that they don’t become major problems, but the level of fear and almost panic I experienced was way outside of what would be remotely logical. This indicates that the enemy is getting in and messing with me, typically.

If this sounds like something that you’ve been struggling with, I want to give you a crafted prayer that you can pray that should help. I did something very similar for myself when I recognized what I was dealing with, and am much better. Use it as a guideline, and fill in the blanks appropriate for your situation, or add in whatever you need. Take your time, and listen for the Spirit to add in anything that will be specific to you.

Father, I confess that I have bought into the lies that anxiety is speaking to my mind and heart. I have let anxiety fill my mind with worries and concerns that ______. I repent of listening to the voice of anxiety. Anxiety, I see you, and I refuse to partner with you any longer. I break off any and all agreements that I’ve made with you and I cast you to the cross of Jesus along with any other entities (feel free to name any other negative emotions you are experiencing here). I place the blood of Jesus between all of you and me and those that I love. I ask you Jesus to give me your peace and confidence in place of all of the fear and confusion that anxiety has brought. I decree and declare that I will walk in peace. I declare that Peace resides within me and I release it where ever I go.

Repeat this prayer, or variations on that theme, as often as you need to. As I talk about in my books as well as my Freedom Guide, this is a great time to personalize some Scriptures and post them places where you will see them often. Create affirmation statements of peace to declare over yourself.

Hopefully, this prayer will help. If you need extra help, please grab a session with me or another inner healing practitioner. We absolutely love to help people get over the occasional bump in their road and/or gain victory over life-long patterns of unhelpful behavior.

Additional Resources:

One resource that I’ve found significantly helpful, are flower essences. I know the maker of Freedom Flowers’ essences, and so far, they are the only ones that I would recommend. She has great information on her site. The three that would be helpful for anxiety are:  Peace, Stay Calm, and Stress Less. She also does custom combos. Use the coupon code “Alice” for 10% off your order.

I also recommend the music by Del Hungerford, especially the album Waves of Spirit and the song Love Abounds to help you saturate your atmosphere with peace.

I’m finding artwork to be a great way to bring a sense of peace to a physical location. Birds of the Field reminds me that the Father has promised to take care of me. Early Almond Blossoms is a reminder that no matter how long the winter may be, spring is guaranteed to come! Skipton Chapel Window reminds me that I can only see a part of what is going on, and that Creator can see it all. I can trust Him.

If you want a triple whammy, then Del and I have partnered up to bring you a personal song and prophetic art piece designed to work together to give you hope, peace, and bring the presence of Creator into your atmosphere. Check that out here and here, then grab one of Seneca’s flower essences above, and get the benefit of all three frequencies of healing at once!

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