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The quiz results show you may need to overcome grief

Do you feel it would be disloyal to a loved one to heal your grief?

Do you believe that you will never get over losing something or someone?

Do you give think you’ll never be whole and happy again?

If so, you may need some healing from grief.

Unhealed grief tells you that life will never be okay again. Grief will overwhelm you and color every thing you ever do from this point on. You’ll never be able to laugh, or enjoy things that you used to. Grief tells you it will color your world in gray dinginess forever

Grief lies.

Are you ready to heal your grief and embrace life fully?

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Kickstart your healing easily with flower essences

I recommend flower essences highly and have been using them myself for many years now. I trust the essences from Freedom Flowers because I know Seneca and I know she operates from and with the right spirit in the making of her essences. I won’t go into all the details, as you can find out more on her site. If the descriptions of these don’t fit you, she offers a custom combo HERE. 

Joy Flower Essence may help with:

  • Restoring a sense of playfulness or adventure
  • Fighting depression naturally
  • Encouraging spontaneity
  • Bridging gap between responsible adult and inner child
  • Lightening up a heavy heart
  • Bringing out a sense of optimism, gladness, courage, and enthusiasm
  • Feeling greater levels of love and compassion
  • Transitioning out of confusion, desolation and barrenness
  • Looking on the bright side

Tomorrow Flower Essence may help you:

  • Believe that change for the better is coming
  • Trust that you are moving forward in the right direction
  • Cycle out of negativity and cynicism
  • Be optimistic about your future
  • Restore lost hope and lost faith
  • Refresh your vitality and enthusiasm for life
  • Quiet a busy mind and ease anxiety
  • Tune in to spiritual guidance
  • Let go of attachment to certain outcomes, while still maintaining hope and excitement.
  • Go with the flow
  • Think positive, even though you don’t feel like it. 

Good Grief Flower Essence can help with:

  • Crying if you need to, or stopping it if you can’t quit
  • Going the fastest route through the grieving process
  • Soothing during a time of emotional distress
  • Releasing emotional pain of heartbreak and co-dependency
  • Releasing painful emotions
  • Assisting with relationships that end
  • Lifting up a heavy heart
  • Facing difficult situations
  • Neutralizing any kind of trauma 

Ignite Flower Essence may help you:

  • feel more confident in moving forward, and being creative.
  • feel more energized, even when there’s a lot to do
  • revive or tune you into your true passion
  • bust through apathy
  • have a positive attitude about both your future as well as the day you’re in
  • deal with emotions that keep you stagnant in life
  • have healthy sustainable creative energy
  • seize opportunities to grow, learn, and experience new things