As we’ve mentioned, our newly published book involves having visions and seeing in the Spirit with what some call a sanctified imagination. This is part of the book that tells a bit of my story in learning to see:

I needed to overcome a significant obstacle—fear—before I was able to see in the Spirit. I had a lot to learn about who God is and who he says that I am. Although I’d had a strong relationship with him for most of my life, it was rather distant, especially compared to what I now know is possible. I talked to him all the time, and I expected him to lead and guide me, but I didn’t know that he wanted just to chat with me regularly. In fact, he still likes to tease me about being too serious about it all.

The beginning of that shift was taking Beth Moore’s “Believing God” Bible study. Then, I was given a set of Mark Virkler’s DVDs on the “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.” Dr. Virkler makes an incredible assertion: I don’t have to be afraid the enemy is going to “get me” if I try and hear God’s voice. I just write down what I hear and then go back and see how it aligns with what I know to be true of God. Write first, then analyze.

I started by asking simple questions, which gradually grew until I was able to hear him on topics that he would bring up. However, it took a year or two, maybe more, before I could see anything. At first, I could only see a black cloud. Then, the cloud started to split in two, and it seemed to become shorter, or I was being elevated above it. Then, I was able to see some things.

Although I journal nearly every day, I didn’t know that you can practice seeing. I gave up too quickly and probably prolonged my frustration. I received inner healing from a few people related to this. After all, how ironic is it that a visual artist can’t see? That just didn’t make any sense. Removing blockages and lies that I had believed related to my imagination was a critical component of my progress.

A couple of times during intercession, I saw things related to what was going on for the place, people or situation. However, it took longer before I could see things in the spirit just for me. Now, I find that it gets easier and clearer the more I try. Typically, I still don’t see the entire scene like some people do. Even so, I see what God wants to show me and the more I look, the more I’m able to see the surroundings.

I’ve also described some of this process allegorically in other posts and blogs about my upcoming book “The Daughter” (working title). You can find those beginning here.

If you desire to see in the Spirit, I want to encourage you that it is a process. Maybe it comes very easily for you, it does for some. But, for most of us, it takes practice and perseverance. Not favorite words for most of us, but at least the practice is fun! We talk about that in the book. We’ve really tried to give you the basics of all the tools that you’ll need to be successful.

Accessing Spiritual Inheritance See in Spirit Imagination

Also, please let me know what’s happened when you’ve followed the template in the book. I’m starting to hear exciting stories of shifts happening in lives and families! And that’s what we wanted this book to do…to help other people gain freedom and great things from their bloodlines.

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