A Brief Description

A part of many different inner healing protocols and methods is something that goes by different names. Generally I use the phrase “Generational Work”, but I’ve heard Ancestral Cleansing, Bloodline Clearing, among others. As far as I know, it is all based on the idea that the sins of our fathers (and mothers) can negatively impact us today.

You can see this the most clearly when there is a strong family history of abuse or alcoholism. Those seem to be the classic cases. It can also be true that there’s a family history of poverty or anger or even physical issues. This is theorized to be because an ancestor first started down that path, and for some reason, or for many reasons, their children, grandchildren, etc., carried on this destructive tradition. It can also be more subtle than these examples, such that we can overcome some issue or other, but that it is much more difficult than it should be, and that it’s a constant battle. Maybe the people in your bloodline all are very overweight, but you are not. However, it’s very difficult for you to maintain your weight, for example.

I don’t believe that all our sins “go generational”, in that they all go on to effect the generations after us. But it seems pretty clear that some do. And that the enemy is often at work in the middle of it. He is ever watching to catch us at our weakest. His job description is to steal, kill, and destroy, and he doesn’t seem to ever go on vacation.

Right, you say. That sounds like me. Now what?generationalworkfamilytree

The Process

1. What are we dealing with?

If you’re in session with me, we determine the kind of generational work that needs to be done, which parent’s bloodline is involved, and where it all started. We don’t always need a lot of information, however sometimes we need more than others. We want to know why this thing has access to the bloodline. We also release any negative emotions from your system that are involved. If you are working on your own, I would pray about it and ask God to show you where this thing started. Once you know the starting point, then it’s pretty easy. The enemy operates best in hiddenness and darkness. Once we know what we’re dealing with, he doesn’t stand much of a chance.

One thing to consider, is that if you are adopted, then you have 2 sets of parents that you are potentially dealing with. Adoption seems to be a very real spiritual event as well as the realities within the physical realm.

2. Confession and Repentance

You then want to repent on your ancestor’s behalf for committing whatever sin (details are not needed here) and allowing this thing access to your bloodline. Forgive them as well, if appropriate. Then confess and repent on behalf of each generation from that time until now for not taking care of this thing, or even for re-agreeing to allow it access. Also, confess and repent of any way that you have come into agreement with it. By confessing and repenting, we remove the enemy’s legal rights to our bloodline. We’ve already weakened it’s hold by releasing the negative emotions.

This process of confessing and repenting on another’s behalf, especially a group of which we are a part, is called identificational repentance. You can see this demonstrated in the Bible when Nehemiah asked God to forgive “us” for the state of the walls of Jerusalem when he had nothing to do with it. You aren’t saying that you are guilty of the sin, you are just saying you are sorry that it happened and that the enemy has gained access to the bloodline because of this. I’ll talk more about repentance another time.

3. Get Rid of the Warfare

Now that the enemy’s rights have been terminated, we gather any of them up and cast them to the cross of Jesus. We revoke all rights to you and to your bloodline, and place the blood of Jesus between all of that mess and all of your bloodline. Remember, that you are doing this on behalf of ALL the descendants of that original person. I don’t know how far out that goes, but there have been examples of people setting their distant family free from migraines and such because they have gone through this type of work, so it goes a ways!

4. Input the Positive

We then release the opposite of whatever it was, and all the good things of God that pertain into your life and into the lives of your family, all of those who have been impacted by this generational piece. This is where not only do I pray from a logical standpoint, if it’s something to do with anger I release love and peace, etc., but I also listen for the Spirit to lead this time as well. We want you and your bloodline to be very full of the things of God.

Now, we cannot control the choices that others make. And, that should be understood. You are not responsible for anyone’s choices and behaviors but your own. But, part of what happens when you are under the weight of a generational piece, is that you don’t know that there is another choice to be made. So, the removal of this dark cloud over your bloodline opens up a realm of possibilities to choose a better path. It also doesn’t mean that instantly you never engage in the former behavior or thought process again, although this can and does happen. But, sometimes we need to walk the thing out and practice making the better choice. But, that should be much easier than it ever was before.

So how does this pertain to DNA? I’m glad you asked. And, I will continue that in another post, so look for part 2 to be published tomorrow.

For more down this rabbit trail, you might be interested in restoring your spiritual inheritance. A friend and I collaborated on a post on here site.  You can find it here. That became this book. And, if you feel that you need some one-on-one help with any of the above, I offer sessions either in person or via Zoom. You can also join my new Generational Healing Class. If you try this, please let me know how it goes! I love hearing about how others are getting free!


The above is a very brief overview of my understanding of Generational Work and DNA Healing related to that. This is not a definitive statement, and I’ve not tried to defend my position scripturally or in any other way. That would far exceed the scope of these posts. There have been books written on the subject of generational issues, although as far as I know there aren’t any regarding DNA work as it seems to be a pretty new arena of exploration. As such, this is as much an opinion piece as anything, and as I learn more, those opinions may change. I would love to hear from you if you have a different method, or any experience in these areas. I believe that we will be able to move much further forward together.

Obligatory disclaimer: This is in no way meant to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by medical or mental health professionals, and is not to be construed as giving medical advice or suggestions of any kind. Actions taken are your responsibility and outside of my control or responsibility. Please consult with your health care professional regarding any health related issues within those arenas.

If you would like more detailed information, you will find my class helpful. Find it HERE.

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