At the root of nearly all issues and difficulties is a lie or a lack of certainty about who we are. However, this is the core transformation that needs to happen. We need to be able to answer the question, “Who am I?”

I will say, that the core of my identity is the same across situations, and yet my ability to recognize and grasp that identity changes over time. What I base my identity on is the core of my belief systems and shapes my worldview. To do this, I need to focus on the very basics.

Here are some basics that are true of all of us:

  1. I am loved
  2. I have been created in the image of Creator
  3. I am provided for
  4. I have a new heart

How do I know that this is true for me and for you? Creator tells us… He’s compiled this incredible book from 66+ authors over the course of a few thousand years. Within its pages are countless stories and phrases that whisper and shout who we are to him.

I started to compile a list of verses for you to review, but I changed my mind. Part of what I want to do in this class is to give you the tools to address whatever topic or concern that comes your way, and to dive down deeper when you are ready. So check with topical bible sources and a concordance, and look up what the Bible has to say about each topic.

Openbible.com has a topical Bible you can search. Biblegateway.com and blueletterbible.com are also great sites.

Now, choose one that hits home the most. Not that feels the nicest, or that you like the most, but the one that causes almost a reflexive rejection of the concept. But the concept is positive – it’s something that you want to believe about yourself. Write it on a 3×5 card, or a sticky note. I want you to word it as if it is true personally. So, I might write: “In this is love, not that I (or Alice) have loved God but that he loved me (or Alice).”

Put that card or sticky note where you will see it frequently. Read it aloud. Yes, out loud. At least 5 times a day, the more the merrier. Be alert to any thought that contradicts what you have written. If and when those thoughts come, I want you to talk to it. Tell it “No.” Or “Stop”, or something along those lines, and then repeat your truth statement.

Another great tool is thankfulness. Thank God for loving you. Thank him for providing for you. Thank him for whatever truth it is that you are currently focusing on.

There are a couple ways of addressing more than one issue. You can either work on the sequentially, or you can do several at once. That is really going to depend on you, your schedule, and how much the lies have been ingrained. What I want, is for you to be successful, so if you try something one way, and it’s not working, then change it up.

Each time you are successful, I want you to celebrate. Set small goals in the beginning that you can easily achieve, and then increase the difficulty as you are easily accomplishing the ones before. Some people like lists and charts, and so checking off each time they read their card(s) aloud is fun. Some people like to move pebbles or pennies from one jar to another with each success. However you choose, set points along the way to reward yourself in some way. Then, increase your goal a bit, and start again. I recommend that you don’t track the times you forget. Success is much more motivating than yelling at yourself for messing up.