More from “The Daughter” ~ Reason begins to see…

“Oh! I see. So I just ignore the problem?”

“Well, yes. Focus on all that you have that helps you to believe. Remember Who Creator says that He is. Remind yourself of Who I am. Think on those realities. Hold those thoughts close to your heart and your mind.”

“And then I can see?”

“The more you believe and trust, the more you see, yes.”

“Alright. So, you are Truth.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then, it would be completely out of character for you to lie.”

“True. Ha! Ha!” The Son laughs his great booming laugh. “I thought you would appreciate the pun.”
Reason laughs as well, “Oh, I did.”

“I choose to believe that You ARE truth, and that you will not lie to me. I choose to believe that You will not lead me astray. I choose to believe that your plans for me are good ones, regardless of how they look.”

“Well done. Now look and see what you see.”

“I see the darkness that is between us. It is lower than before, but now it is splitting down the middle and moving to each side. Still there, but a path has opened up and it is getting wider so that I can see more or You. It is kind of cloud like, but quite low”

“It looks so low, because you have risen above it. If you were looking down, you could see that the depth is deeper than you think. Don’t look down, continue to look at Me. Feel My presence surrounding you. That is the greater truth regardless of what you see or don’t see.”

Reason stands up and continues to walk along the path. She begins to look from side to side with more intensity than she has before. Dreamer is getting quite close now, and is able to help Reason to see. She gestures to the right, and Reason turns her head as white orbs streak past her. She stops and turns to see what’s happening.

Reason sees that the orbs are actually angels and they are going to various places on the earth. She sees some coming near her and they are forming a barrier wall all around her with wings overlapping. They go to the corners first, and then filled in the gaps. They are not standing as close as shoulder to shoulder, but their wings would overlap, and in fact she can see that they are overlapping as they extend them outward. The Spirit whispers to her heart that these are the enforcers of the truth. The angels are not all the same size or appearance, but she cannot see clearly enough to distinguish those details. She can just see that there is some kind of pattern to those who are along the perimeter and she assumes that they have different functions. She then looks out towards those for whom she has been praying. Friends new and old, and she can see her prayers as a distinct substance that is going to each of them.

She sees Jesus going to minister to a friend of hers. Jesus looks at Reason, and says, “Do you see this bowl?” Reason looks and can see a large golden bowl suspended above her friend’s head.

“These are all of the prayers offered on this one’s behalf.”

Reason looks closer and the prayer substance is glowing and sparking, much more vibrantly alive and electric than she had ever seen before. Jesus swirls the substance which is like mix of liquid gold and diamond but glowing and sparking. Sometimes a bit will jump up and across the bowl. It seems as if there is greater and greater activity in the bowl. Then, Reason sees this huge angel with a censer of incense. She can’t see anything but just a line of him, and the glowing coals inside the censor. As the coals get closer to the bowl, the prayers jump up higher and higher, trying, it would appear, to get as close as possible.  When the censer is above the height of the prayers, some coals, losing brightly, fall from it and into the bowl. It erupts with big splashes. The bowl is beginning to tip over. The splashes have already escaped and have gone in all directions as if on a mission. But the bowl, as it is tipping, is about to pour on top of Reason’s friend’s head.

She is so excited by this experience, that she continues on her way with great joy. Dreamer is getting very excited as well. She is able to give Reason dreams, and Reason listens! Dreamer can see that the Enforcers and Witnesses are behind them both and are cheering her on! She hears a chuckle and winks at Creator. She can sense that it won’t be long now, and she will be fully reunited with Reason.

More to Come…

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