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What is DNA?

DNA, as you may know, is the genetic blueprint that tells your body how to make “you”. It tells your eyes what color to be, it determines your hair color, your height and shape given optimal nutrition and such. So, we are dealing here, with the fundamental building block of our physical beings. There is some research that is suggestive that our DNA has more to do with our emotional and spiritual states, but we’ll set that aside for now.

I’m not sure if you know of anyone who has had some sort of injury or illness as a child that dnahealingresulted in an alteration of their physical being. I know someone who was ill during middle school and did not grow as tall as they most likely should have. My grandmother’s hand didn’t grow to its full size because of an injury to it when she was a child. So, this demonstrates that a traumatic event can alter the way that DNA is expressed. I don’t think that there’s any way to test if the DNA itself was altered, or if it’s just not able to be expressed, at least not yet.

They have also done studies showing that there are changes in the DNA of the descendants of those who were in the holocaust. So, we know that alterations in the DNA due to trauma can be passed down through the generations. Which, I think, accounts largely for the alarming increase of autoimmune issues that we see today. The human genome (as well as the world at large) has been under the influence of the fall for a very long time now. As each generation accumulates more trauma, there may be more alterations to our gene pool and we thus have more issues.

There’s more than just the physical

It is pretty clear that your emotional and spiritual state impacts your physical one. There are various physiological responses to various emotions and such that we’ve all experienced. We are very much intertwined in body, soul, and spirit. It’s also been shown that negative emotions can be trapped in our organ systems and diminish that organ’s ability to function well. So, by releasing the negative emotional and spiritual content, it is logical to suppose that our physical beings will be better able to function the way it should.

So, you begin to see family histories of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and so on. So, what if, in the same way we remove the spiritual and emotional baggage, we can also go to the root of the changes that were made in our family’s DNA that causes us to be more prone to those types of things? I think that we can.

heart-care-1040229_1280The Process

The process is generally the same for the generational work I’ve described in the first part. When I’m working with someone, and God is leading us to address DNA work, I usually get a picture of a piece of DNA that is dark and/or blocked. In college, I studied genetics and DNA, so generally when I think of DNA, it’s brightly colored like they show in textbooks. So, when I see a section that is not colored like the rest, then that’s been my cue to address it. This happens through prayer and with an understanding of the authority we have through Christ.

The specifics change, but the consistent elements of the process thus far have been to remove whatever is blocking the DNA from being replicated correctly, to replace damaged portions of the DNA with the DNA of Christ (being one with Him), and to release that DNA to be replicated according to God’s perfect design for all in your bloodline. I may also lead you to pray to restore the appropriate connections within your body so that the new gene can be expressed to its fullest, that your body would recognize the new levels of healing and wholeness with regards to hormones and chemical processes within the body, or whatever else God gives as we pray.

In all of this type of work, I am wanting to effect a positive change for as many people as we have the authority to do so. I don’t really know what that reach is. I do, however, know that it is God’s desire to heal, save, and deliver everyone, so I know that I am praying according to His will. My heart’s posture is always to be in alignment with what God is doing and not to wander off on my own without Him. But, these are very big prayers. And I am hoping that many people will be set free because of the work done by one of their relatives, no matter how distant.

This is a very new arena, and is largely untested so far as science would wish. But, I don’t think that they have a way to measure or quantify any of this. So, currently, it remains within the realm of faith.

For more down this rabbit trail, you might be interested in restoring your spiritual inheritance. A friend and I collaborated on a post on her site.  You can find it here. That post was the beginning of this book. And, if you feel that you need some one-on-one help with any of the above, please contact me for more information about sessions either in person or over Skype. You can also join my online Generational Healing Class. If you try this, please let me know how it goes! I love hearing about how others are getting free!


The above is a very brief overview of my understanding of Generational Work and DNA Healing related to that. This is not a definitive statement, and I’ve not tried to defend my position scripturally or in any other way. That would far exceed the scope of these posts. There have been books written on the subject of generational issues, although as far as I know there aren’t any regarding DNA work as it seems to be a pretty new arena of exploration. As such, this is as much an opinion piece as anything, and as I learn more, those opinions may change. I would love to hear from you if you have a different method, or any experience in these areas. I believe that we will be able to move much further forward together.

If you would like more detailed information, you will find my class helpful. Find it HERE.

If you would like a session with me to sort out a generational issue, you can purchase one HERE.

Obligatory disclaimer: This is in no way meant to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by medical professionals, and is not to be construed as giving medical advice or suggestions of any kind. Actions taken are your responsibility and outside of my control or responsibility. Please consult with your health care professional regarding any health related issues.



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